Social Media Likes/Followers Policy Updates


An update regarding social media likes and followers.

We understand that there may be some confusion regarding the process of how these hourlies should work. It is the responsibility of the seller to make sure that all likes and followers are genuine and not spam, hacked or bots. This means that the recipient of these likes/followers expects these to be real people that agree to like or follow a page.

The same is in effect for any hourlies that pertain to providing feedback or reviews for a certain site. They must be the result of multiple users and not fake accounts or of any other nature.

Some sites have been cracking down on likes that get delivered by our freelancers. In these circumstances, we advise all buyers that this may occur and it is not the fault or responsibility of the seller to maintain the likes if they are removed. The hourlies are deemed to be completed if the seller has indeed offered the amount of likes/followers as specified by the hourlie description. If they are then removed by the site, it is still taken that the actual delivery of the work is completed.

As of today, we ask that all freelancers provide before and after screenshots in the workstream of their buyers pages to prove that they have indeed delivered the amount that they have stated. If this can be determined then a seller will be paid as expected. If a seller does not have the ability to prove this and the buyer disputes the work, then we will abide by regular PPH Terms and Conditions and review the case and its facts to provide an outcome.

We recently reduced the amount of likes and they cannot exceed 3,000 as we feel that this is a logical amount that can be delivered without issues. We want to make sure that our sellers are delivering quality and that buyers are also aware that a sellers responsibility is until the actual delivery of the work and not after.

For more information please have a look at our relevant help page:

I would also like to stress that freelancers should be very detailed in the fact that delays may result and explain what these may mean and how long this may take. If it is not clearly understood by the buyer then the work should not initiate until this is clear.


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