Dispute Resolution Upgrade

We would like to announce the upgrade of our resolution process for disputes. We know there is some friction for both Buyers and Sellers on this, so we have altered the process followed when there are conflicts between Sellers and Buyers, regarding the payment of the escrow funds:

1. After the invoice rejection by the Buyer or a refund request rejection by the Seller, the 2 parties need to contact each other and do their best to settle the issue by themselves. The Buyer needs to ask for at least 2 revisions, providing constructive feedback, and the Seller needs to provide the revisions, or they can mutually agree on the final amount of the payment. Please note that a dispute can be raised 24 hours after the invoice is rejected or a refund is requested. 

2. Only if the above is not possible, the Seller can raise a dispute and let our resolution team intervene. When that happens, both the Buyer and the Seller are asked a few simple questions which we need to be answered in order to have a better understanding of the case and be able to research the dispute case properly. This will help us reach faster and fairer decisions regarding the payment of the Seller, taking always into account the WorkStream communication, the answers of both parties to our questionnaire and our terms and conditions.

3. Disputes should only be raised by Sellers if they have already done their best to settle the case with the Buyer and they have made sure they are entitled to the payment of the escrow funds based on our policy. To make sure this is the case, the Seller needs to submit a non-refundable payment equal to 10% or a minimum of 5 GBP, 7 EUR, 8 USD of the disputed amount to successfully raise the dispute.



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