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At Peopleperhour we thrive to succeed and, with your help, we are happy to announce our newest feature: Agencies!

Many of you represent businesses, and as a business, you would like to be promoted and acknowledged in different ways. All PeoplePerHour accounts that run their own business (whether a one-man band or a larger agency) are invited to upgrade to an Agency profile and start promoting to freelancers on PeoplePerHour.

Our Freelancers will now be able to pay a monthly fee and become an Agency with the following advantages:

  • Use the name of their business instead of their first name.
  • Use the title and description of their company instead of the individual ones.
  • Use a company logo, cover, etc.
  • Display Company URL, telephones, etc.

A. How to update my freelancer account to an agency?

The steps you will have to undertake to become an agency in 4 steps!

1. Firstly, go under your PeoplePerHour Account, Settings > Subscriptions


2. Make sure you update/edit your information! You will need to fill out and update your selling information. 


3. Once your Agency application is submitted you will have to add your payment method. Make sure the payment method is under your company name or your previous PeoplePerHour profile name. (If not your payment may be rejected for security reasons from our Payment Team).

4. You are now an Agency



5. Review your Subscription under your Settings> Subscriptions.


You can always unsubscribe from your Agency account and become a regular freelancer again by clicking on Unsubscribe. 

B. Subscription Fee

Agencies can cancel their subscription anytime via the Settings page. Their profile will be reverted to an individual freelancer account at the end of their current monthly subscription period.

The Agency subscription monthly fee structure is presented below:


As of January 1st, 2020, the regular price of £19.99 will be applied to all Agencies - including those who have upgraded to Agency before January 1, 2020.

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