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    Hi Charlotte, 

    Thanks for providing your feedback and sharing your thoughts.

    We've created a ticket with the support team as they are the best team to look into this and provide further information. 

    Best wishes, 

    The Community Team

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  • Adam

    Totally agree Charlotte I have had continual fraudulent copies of my offer present for over 5 days now - with support still not responding or acting. I am continually reporting new offers plagiarising my content all from foreign countries where they clearly lie (fake profiles) and there are no checks done. The report button never works and it really has dropped in standard.

    In my offer section out of 19 pages over 50+ of the offers should be removed for fake profiles, spelling issues, duplicates or the person does not have the correct skills. The majority of these new freelancers are just chancers trying to make a quick dollar.

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  • Charlotte

    100% Adam. I'm actually shocked at the level of not just plagiarism but illiteracy in the writing section.

    One of the people I messaged does not even know what plagiarism means lol! They've even plagiarised the profiles. It's rock bottom for both the people on here and the buyers if they're paying for writing from people who blatantly can't string a word together and are writing for, literally, pennies. There's proofreaders who are now calling themselves SEO copywriters and everyone's suddenly an SEO content writer.

    Feels hella sleazy. It will all implode. Any old person selling stuff they can't do (and for pittance) to people who can't even see they don't know what they're talking about is about the worst business model you can get. You could see it coming with under-cutting of prices. I don't really come on here. Defo time to move fully on from this mess.

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