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I am an established member of PPH and billed my client for over the minimum amount of $65 in May. So why have I been charged a 20% fee instead of the usual 15%?

The advice on the website regarding the new service fees was,

"we advise you to remember to invoice Buyers regularly" ...

so I assumed the actual payment wasn't required to be in during May. (They have paid today).




Official comment


Many thanks for your message.

I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

I agree. Why increase to 20%! This is ridiculous. The main reason I liked PPH over Upwork was the lower fees. Now they are actually higher! And you are charging me a percentage to transfer to PayPal when Upwork does not!

Hi there 

Thank you for your reply. 

The new instructions were to invoice a minimum of £50/60 Euros/$65 per month commencing May 2017

“Therefore, starting on May 1st if your minimum billing per calendar month is £50 | €60 | $65, you will continue to enjoy your established fee scheme, without any increases.” 

If you look at my billing history you’ll see that I invoiced my client, Morgan Holding, for $78 on 26th May. 

This is why I believe I should remain on the old service fee system. 

I look forward to your reply. 

Thank you


This is a copy of the reply I have received from PPH:

Hello Ann

Thank you for your message.

Sorry for that.  I agree you had raised the invoice on 26 May but it was paid only this month, so we will take invoice approval into consideration, not the time you raised the invoice. 

Hence you will fall into 20% service fee category only from this month. 

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Thank you.



I strongly object to this decision and would like my complaint escalated please as the instructions specifically state starting on May 1st if your minimum billing per calendar month is £50 | €60 | $65, you will continue to enjoy your established fee scheme, without any increases.”

There is no mention of minimum payment, only minimum billing

It is not right to “take into consideration” the aspects that suit you when a complaint arises and your actions conflict with the original instructions to sellers.

I look forward to your reply

Thank you

Well, this site sucks now. Thinking of going back to UpWork.

I agree, this sudden rise in the fees PPH charges is ridiculous. I am seriously considering working through another site. I often work privately for clients, where I obviously am not charged a fee at all. That is a far better way to work, but you need to find the clients.

PPH has turned into a ridiculous platform to work on.

New service fee is even more stupid & instead of rewarding loyal freelancers they are encouraging us to leave the platform and sign up at some other website.

I have done $25k+ worth of work here in past 3-4 years

The new service fees applicable to my account is:
First $700 earned with a Buyer (excl. VAT) 20%
Between $700 and $7,000 7.5%
Over $7,000 earned with a Buyer 3.5%

Suggest been more active on other platforms.

As always, the 10000+ words PPH Terms & Conditions provide more questions than answers.

To most people, 'billing' is when you raise an invoice and not when it is either approved or paid.

Also, this new condition is rather unfair as the seller converts to the new fee structure, 'for all time', if they fail to bill the minimum monthly billing just once.

This rather assumes a steady flow of PPH work giving rise to receipts every single month - taking no account of the disruption occurring around holiday periods or ongoing projects where billing is less-frequent.

Irrespective of these details, a 30% fee (20% to seller, 10% to buyer) is outrageous for the simple act of 'introducing A to B'.




I completely agree with you Les! Since they’ve raised their charges so significantly, I’ve done work through PPH far less as it simply isn’t worth it. Maybe once they realise how many users they’ve lost (and therefore money), they will revert to their far fairer and more reasonable charging system.

I hope PPH realizes they been unfair but I doubt the PPH team even bothers to looks at  grievances seriously. 

Agree with you Sara & Les. Better to work outside PPH if one wants to make ends meet n earn a living.

Sara and Avi

And the astonishing thing is that, no matter how many buyers and sellers say that they won';t use PPH anymore, the fees and behavior remain unaltered.

PPH don't really want to discuss the matter, let alone respond to the concerns of their customers. 

Perhaps bankruptcy will make them 'sit up and take notice'.

Yes Les or maybe once a serious competitor takes away all their clients.

No one from PPH ever looks at this "Community post" section. That's how serious they are resolving and looking at issues.

PPH really should take a look here! They’ll do themselves no good by ignoring the views of their users. As Les says, maybe bankruptcy is the wake up call they need!

I completed a job for £120 today and ended up with £91.20 in my PPH account? 20% would have left me with £96 whats the extra £4.80 for?

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