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From now on, can you please inform buyers CLEARLY about the transaction and service fees Before they accept a proposal? Can't you just state those expected fees in the proposal anyway? Just had a client who was surprised by the difference between the invoiced amount and the actual amount charged. 

Buyers want to know the final amount they have to pay before making the purchasing decision. You cant expect them to take the propsed amount, go to the terms & conditions and compute the fees themselves!

Also can you lower the ridiculous buyer fees? Transaction cost can never be that high, unless you guys are manually flying cash money from bank to bank.



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Many thanks for your suggestion. I will pass it on to our product team.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.


As a buyer, i'm with Sander - be upfront about this please!


I agree with Sander. I was just about to start work on a project but when I came to pay I was stunned to find there's a 10% PPH fee on top. 10%?! You've just lost a customer.


I am also charged 10% Buyer fees today...Am I suppose to pay 10% or 5%?


Hi, my buyer is also stunned by the buyer fee charged for the last invoice. I might lose a client cause of this. It's the screenshot he's sent me. Pls, explain.


I was about to accept a seller's proposal for the job I had posted and then took a look at the buyers fees - disgraceful. So incensed did not proceed with job - well done PPH!


This is completely ridiculous!

As a buyer I intend on dropping this site once I've finished my current project. 

The hidden buyer fee makes me mistrust People Per Hour and it causes needless finance admin as I now need to get new invoices with these buyer fees on and put them back on our purchase system. I also need to explain to the budget manager why the amount charged is different to the amount I said would be paid. 



Oh no PPH, you've been an excellent platform to use but these Buyer fees are outrageous! 


Completely agree with Sander, I only just found this out after hiring a freelancer through your platform, I usually work. It wasn't until I looked at my bank statement I even noticed it! 5% charge for using a visa card and then another 5% service fee.

You've lost my trust and I wont be using your services again.


no visibility of the fees is obvious a deliberate way to trick people. bad enough.

But you also dont get an invoice for it.

to be accurate: and no invoice to book in my accounts for this fee.

I have one paypal transaction with a transaction number

one invoice as pdf under "invoices" without PPH fee and a second transaction number

and then i have under transaction/fees an invoice from PPH without any reference to the original transaction.

asked support, no responds.




Indeed I agree -it's my first time on PPH and although I got a job done well, it is unprofessional for PPH not to state the fee charged upfront.


I have just gone through the user experience, spent time discussing with SME's and then accepted a proposal to find that the actual charge is considerably more than advertised... This is silly we need to know the full cost before accepting a proposal... I understand that you have costs to run the site but these charges are sneaky and make me think that you are going to try and fleece me some other way! 


I have a client who wants to call PPH about a 10% charge so just looked it up.  Both buyer and seller should be informed of total cost at proposal stage - It makes PPH appear deceitful  not to do so.

To buyers concerned about 10% fee however, please be aware that out of the fees you've paid, your worker has had deducted 20 to 33% of earnings.  I do hope PPH are balancing things out rather than increasing profit with thisadditional charge to buyers.   


this the last time i am going to be using pph. from now on fiverr..i didnt even see the buyer fee till i hit pay. what the hell do you mean buyer fee? that is a scam..this platform has lost all integrity in my eyes


- No mention of a "buyer's fee". This should have been stated clearly and in advance. Bank transfers used to be free for buyers.
- and more importantly: where is the invoice for the charge? 


Same here....As a corporate buyer, I was just about to pay what I thought was a £280 proposal Invoice until I went through to Paypal checkout and saw that £28 had been added. 

PPH are a disgraceful company and I advise any clients and future clients to boycott PPH and choose a more transparent reasonable company who actual care about their customers (the buyers). Without buyers, you do not have a business. 

Aren't seller fees enough for PPH?


It is very shameful what PPH have done. Very shady business practices. Definitely going to be moving on to a different platform. Better yet, agree on PPH and make payment elsewhere. The process of getting money on your USD card is very stressful and expensive. To have a company not be transparent about their payment fee, adds unnecessary burden. Its bad enough you hide the charge, but why would you charge 10% handling fee on debit card transactions? I repeat, Shameful!


Yep completely wrong to do this. I was charged £11.60 for a £10 job and had to elect to go in and use PayPal because your site behaved suspiciously. I had the option to select my debit card, all details appeared correct. Asked me for ccv. No problem there but when input ccv in it directed me to a site something like "" and requested ALLcard details. Not going to do that obviously. So, either sort this mess out or lose clients eh? I won't be recommending you to anyone until this changes.


I totally agree with Peter from seller point of view. You guys going to loose clients either buyer or seller. Also, I don't understand why do you increment PPH service extra 5% last year !!!

Are you going to increment another 5% of PPH service by the end of year so total will be 25% OF PPH SERVICE?????


Buyers should be aware that sellers are paying up to 20% in fees on top of the fees they are paying. We also have no upfront visibility of the buyer fees so it is hard to warn about this.


This is really not good. Im seller  and buyer on people per hour from last 7 years but i noticed that from last year people per hour fees and commission shoots up. As a seller, If I send £100 proposal to client and I get paid only £63 which is really crazy in terms of commission. Today I posted a job and made a deal on a price as I had tight budget so when it was agreed with seller and I went on payment page and I saw extra £36 charges as 'buyer fee' I thought what the hell is that. I could not negotiate with seller again because all was agrred, it left no other option to accept his proposal and felt like people per hour robbed £36 quid from my pocket. This is very dishonest company approach, I think  Fair Trading Authority should take action on that high charges. One thing is pretty sure, I will never put any job on people per hour again, also moving away as seller because earning commission are extremely high. When I saw Xenios (PPH owner) on bloomburg and read his article he sounded decent guy but his policies to run company is following the complete dishonest approach and filling his pockets. 

Thank you good bye PPH!


I just paid a deposit of £150, but looked at my internet banking and it shows up as £165.60, at no point in the checkout process did it mention buyer fees are extra and not included in the price, I had to go in to a statement to find what the discrepancy was. This is highly unethical and I would presume against most consumer rights, I will complete this job but will not use PeoplePerHour again.


I just checked my statements and had no idea there were buyer fees. time to look elsewhere I'm afraid PPH...


Hi Dan

Sadly, your dismay is shared by a number of buyers and I am already seeing this in the reduced number of job postings relevant to my skills.

The PPH User Guide still maintains that they make no charge to buyers though the Terms & Conditions have now renamed 'Payment Processing Fees' (apparently now illegal where credit cards are involved) to 'Buyer Fees'.

Even when Payment Processing Fees were 'passed on', a typical Paypal  fee of around 3% was passed-on at a rate of 10%.

I have suggested several times that this is, and continues to be,  misleading but PPH support people don't seem able to accept that view.
Are these two screenshots contradictory, or not?




Hi there,

I get the need for fees, and recognise transactions fees, by a 10% margin I don't feel is reasonable. It will just encourage people to deal directly which not everyone wants because at least the system offers everybody protection.

It opens up competitin for these types of portals and I will start looking elsewhere now..




Dan makes a very good point.

With the recent increase in seller fees to 20% on the first £500 of monthly earnings, PPH are making around 30% for the simple act of "introducing A to B".

This is with no financial outlay or any other liabilities. 

That's far too much - even a formal contract staff  agency (that used to be my main business) would make less than half of that while taking-on greater responsibility including prompt weekly payment, irrespective of whether the customer has paid.

Dan argues that the system offers everybody protection but I have come to see that this is a theoretical concept only.

Even when the buyer has paid, sellers have recently been waiting weeks for payment.

I have seen a number of complaints from buyers where sellers have paid from funds held 'in escrow' when the job was not completed.

The problem here is with the use of automated systems where timescales are much too short  (especially over holiday periods)  for a buyer response to a request for payment.

If there is no buyer response within the very short timescales, funds held 'in escrow' are passed to the seller account.

I also discovered recently that funds not specifically held on behalf of a  seller can also be grabbed to pay bills.



I have just used PPH for the first time and experienced the hidden 10% charges. The invoice I received at the end even does not include the charge. Furthermore the payment system let me accidentally pay the final settlement twice and charged me interest for both times.


It is fair to say that this is the first and last time I will be using PPH. The sad part is that I was extremely happy with the service provided, but will now look at alternate ways to be 'introduced' to service providers, and will warn colleagues against using this service. Good idea, but short-sighted money grabbing will piss so many people off that I do not see how the business will attract repeat customers.




Join the club Bryan.

I have seen many complaints like yours, from buyers who don't intend to use PPH again.

As a seller, I have seen a substantial decline in the number of jobs relevant to my skills and now find only 1 or 2 per day worth bidding for,

As the success rate of my bids was somewhat less than 10% before these issues blew up, that's a rapidly declining source of work.

But still PPH maintain their head-in-the-sand attitudes with the support people churning-out stereotyped platitudes aimed at supporting their position rather than addressing the very real anger of both buyers and sellers. 

It seems that nothing short of bankruptcy will make them 'sit up and take notice'.


PPH need to review their charges for paypal and the process. I posted three different jobs and hired 3 different people for each project. For each proposal I accept I had to visit paypal and make payment with huge deduction fees. This isn't the way the system used to work sometime ago. Then time, you could deposit bulk money into your pph accout from paypal and use it to pay for each project. Your deducted ones by Paypal and that all.

PLEASEThe extra charges is too much. I will stop hiring from here because the charges are too.

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