urgent - PayPal rejection

Please contact me immediately to resolve this. My account has had a numerous payments rejected. Paypal say there is nothing wrong at their end


Official comment


Many thanks for your message.

I have looked in your account and I can see that a member of our team is looking into this matter for you and should have it resolved today.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

**UPDATE** 13/11/2017

There was an issue for withdrawals to PayPal  on Friday for GBP payments that were sent to Sellers. Unfortunately all the GBP payments were rejected from PayPal and sent back to the Seller's accounts.

We are investigating the matter with PayPal's technical team. Hopefully this is a one time occurrence.

The issue was with PayPal's payments processing and not with PeoplePerHour. All funds should have been returned to your PPH accounts and this was only for GBP withdrawals only, other currencies were fine.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

more and more payments being rejected...what on earth is happening???? Going back days.

Paypal account is fine.

you really need to sort this out. There is some kind of loop with constant rejections of payments being refunded to my account. Its up to £1500 now...and I have'nt got the money I desperately need for today!

Now up to £1700... Has my account been hacked???? Is someone going to try and withdraw that cash from my account?


You really need to look into this urgently

Thanks. Please note that I have added further withdrawals to my account today in the hope they would go through.  

This may or may not complicate things further - so you might need to be aware.

Thank you for the update. I still have more than £9,000 in my account that is not mine. I'm also worried today's withdrawals to PayPal won't go through.

Can you reassure me on these points.



I appear to have been refunded some of the missing money and have added a new withdrawal of what is there - but it is £192 short.

It should have been £191.80, £191.80, £71.85, £47

But the total in there was only £310.45

This leaves me short by £192.

Its a start - but still not good enough.

Sorry - make that 191.60 + 191.60 + 71.85 + 47

There were two payments of £191.60 made to me on Friday morning for two different invoices.

Only one of these has been refunded to me.

I am still owed £191.60

The first rejected payment of £191.60 was made at 21.19 on the 9th Nov

The second rejected payment of £191.60 was made at 10.30 on the 10th November

The other two seem to have been put through ok.



None of the £263.45 of my original rejected amount has been refunded. I added a new withdrawal yesterday but it is now showing a negative balance so my new withdrawal attempt will fail too. Really don't know what to do as Customer Services simply don't respond other than with just a canned message. 

I made a withdrawal request yesterday as well and found that they rejected that this morning and added a note to make the withdrawal again.

I did - but only for the amount that was in the account - which was short.

it looks like they are working their way through all customers and hopefully will get to you soon.

This has been a huge fuss and taken up lots of my time and been a big worry for me. We really need to all ask for and expect compensation.

Ok - the final portion of £191.60 has been added.

Thank you PPH.

Please please please release a proper statement to the entire site explaining what happened, what you are doing to prevent it happening again and how you are going to make it up to all of us.

This is basic customer service - informing your customers, keeping the lines of communication open and creating an open dialogue about incidents.

You have fallen short on all of these points.


Now I wait to see if the payment reaches my paypal account today.

Mine's just been refunded too!  Fingers crossed the Paypal withdrawal transfer works later today!

My payment has now gone through - 3 working days after it should have.

With basically no proper explanation or updates on the situation.

Very very poor customer service PPH! You can and should do better.

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