More Paypal Rejection


You've got a wee problem, folks.

I had a withdrawal from PPH rejected by Paypal this afternoon, and the funds were refunded to my PPH account 3 times.  I've spoken with Paypal, and all's well there.

Please sort! 

Have also raised a direct support call.

Joe P.


Official comment


Hi Joe, 

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. I can see from your messages that the customer support team are talking to our technical team to look into your issue, the same goes for Megan and her similar issues. We hope to have an answer for you ASAP.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

**UPDATE** 13/11/2017

There was an issue for withdrawals to PayPal  on Friday for GBP payments that were sent to Sellers. Unfortunately all the GBP payments were rejected from PayPal and sent back to the Seller's accounts.

We are investigating the matter with PayPal's technical team. Hopefully this is a one time occurrence.

The issue was with PayPal's payments processing and not with PeoplePerHour. All funds should have been returned to your PPH accounts and this was only for GBP withdrawals only, other currencies were fine.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Same here. My account is now up to £1700 and the payment I needed today hasn't gone through. Why don't they have a phone number - this is very frustrating.There have been around 10 repeatedly refunded transactions.


PayPal say nothing strange for me either.


So pleased its not just me. Worried its a hack. 

Many moons ago PPH did have a phone number - and the bods on it were pretty good!

I think it's more likely a coding balls up - I write code for Paypal and similar payment systems and I wonder whether some code 'escaped' on to the site rather than was 'released'.

It's a true PITA, though - fortunately I still have several clients who I work with outside PPH and who I won't bring in to the PPH fold, mainly for this sort of reason!

Best wishes and good luck!


Joe, just wondering if there is anything similar about our transactions that might have caused this. 

My tally of rejections and refunds just keep going up and up. I hate to think how much will be in my account by the time they actually look into this.


Oh Lordy, mine's going up as well!

Mine was a small job for someone I've worked for before, and there's nothing odd about it as far as I can see.

Although if this is happening across the board someone will have a BIG job of tidying the data up after it's finished!


What about all those people who are merrily withdrawing all that lovely cash...

My main concern is that if this takes a while to sort out - my rather large payment I expected today won't arrive anytime soon. I need it asap.


I would hope that there are some 'checks and balances' in place because otherwise PPH are going to have a hell of an overdraft!

Unfortunately that payment you're expecting isn't going to be with you now until Monday afternoon at the earliest, if they handle this in the same way that they've handled balls-ups in the past. :(


We are having the same problem.  The paypal withdrawal is being continuously automatically "rejected", but Paypal say there is nothing wrong their end. The "rejected" amounts keep constantly adding back into our PPH account balance.  We now have £1000s showing! But still cant withdraw the real amount due!

We submitted a support ticket yesterday  but not had a reply.

Anyone got any response from PPH yet?

Not a sausage, but the numbers keep climbing!

I've a couple of other jobs just ready to invoice but I don't intend doing so until this Mongolian Clusterf**k is sorted out.


Once I experienced a similar issue but with negative balance, I was trying to pay for a dispute and the payment was in different currency than the project currency, system kept charging , and without paying attention I went negative...

The balance will always read the correct sum if you click on the available funds (EUR GBP or USD) even if it's negative or virtually bumped



No - this is where the money's there in PPH, is sent to Paypal, Paypal doesn't get it, it's recorded as a failed payment at PPH and then the amount is added to your account.

Result is that I started with £30 in there and it's now up to £600. :-)

I've had the currency issue before, though!


really ? do the balance and the available money read the same value ?


Yep - I've been using PPH for several years now and this is the a new one on me.

If I got to 'Transactions' I can see 20 or so 'false' refunds to my account which are putting up the balance in my Sterling account and my available money.

It's all rather screwed up. :)

My withdrawal account is now up to over £6k! Oh how I wish that really was my money.

I have had other invoices paid since Friday (they were already in the pipeline) but I can't make a withdrawal with all this going on...

I have sent a direct message asking for this issue to be dealt with as a matter of urgency and to compensate us for our inconvenience and any costs related to the funds not arriving as expected. In particular, the time it has taken to contact paypal and trying to contact support. 

I have also suggested that they make sure support is available 7 days a week and issues dealt with promptly. 

This may be just a technical glitch - but it really isn't good enough. They should be held accountable for their mistakes and not just suggest that they do not guarantee payments. 

Can you tell I am very cross :)


yes they should bring back the live chat, and put a phone num.

6k ! withdraw your original balance, and buy the rest Credits , reminds me that guy who won $1 Million in lottery, was asked what he wants to do with the money, said I will buy a Walkman, and rest ? all of it batteries.

We should all keep each other informed here of any developments today. I have submitted new withdrawal requests this morning for the amounts not paid on Friday and for new invoices paid over the weekend. I have left the huge balance now in my account otherwise untouched.

it went up to £9k and seemed to stop yesterday morning. Hopefully that is a good sign - that someone noticed something weird was happening and prevented any further damage being done.

I just hope they go through and don't trigger another cycle of the same thing.

I have had a response and the technical team is looking into it and they assure me it will be sorted out today.

Hi - yes, I've had the same response.

I think our plans on retiring as millionaires will have to be put on hold! :)

A real PITA, though - serious loss of confidence for me.

I agree - and just as I got into the top ten ranking for this month...

I also have learned not to put all my eggs in one basket - but its just the way this worked out this week.

This is the first time I have had a serious problem in ten years on PPH. But the lack of support when we really needed it is appalling for such a huge platform. 

I see that you have had an update. I am confused about why the payments were repeatedly returned? And why PayPal know nothing about this.



I reckon that there was an internal issue with PP's code; it errored and the PPH systems interpreted that error from the PPH code as originating from Paypal.

These things happen, I guess - I know that I've made a few booboos over the years!

Or rather - error with PPH's code, that errored and then the PPH systems interpreted it as a PP error.

Too many PPs around here... :)

If I was involved it would be a case of 'Call this an incident? Hold my coat....'




Hi Joe,


Can you let me know if you get your money paid today?


Mine still says pending....not confident at all.

Well, I took it at it's word and actually requested the transfer be made to my bank account, which won't show up there (probably) for a day or two yet.

Mine is still sitting up around £700, so I think I've not been 'done' yet.

I've three projects that are now completed on PPH and ready for invoicing but I won't do that until they settle this nonsense.

I wish I had sent mine to my bank account now - but when they said that it would be fixed today, I trusted them...

I still have 9K in my account. But at least these payments haven't been rejected (yet). They are still pending, so might be sorted.

I think I will go back to bank transfers. But waiting for 2-3 days is ridiculous in this day and age. Faster payments have been around for years.

The multiple returned funds have now been removed from our account but it now showing as a negative balance and we still have not been paid. Where have our genuine funds gone?????????

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