How much time it will take to transferred payment to my Bank account?

I have initiated payment from pph on 19th December and and I got email from pph that the amount has processed. But I didn't receive payment in my bank account yet..


How much time it will take?


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Hi Habib,

If this is an international bank transfer it can take up to 7 working days and this up to your bank processing time. Nothing to do with PPH - we have done our processing. I suggest you talk to your bank. 

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

I did contact with them they said, there is no delay at our end. The bank suggest me to contact with you guys.

If there is any reference id to track or something like this?


Habib, When did you receive payments?. How many days it took to appear in bank

Help appreciated




Hello Sana

Yes I did receive at last couple of days ago. it takes around 16 days to appear in my account.


Are you from Pakistan? I am thinking to switch over to Pakistan as intending to move to Pakistan. Currently living in Uk. So took 16 days to receive payment When did you receive it? Its way too long. 



Yes I am from Pakistan.

In my previous transactions it took around 4-5 days to appear in my account.

However In current transaction, may be due to Christmas, and New year holidays it took time. I guess.

Yes this time, its way too long :)

Do you mind me asking which bank you have account . I am planning to go with HBL.



habib I just need confirmation whether you can help

i have swift code habbpkka as swift code and iban like this pk63habb00 followed by account number . please can you confirm is thats the right format and do i need to add habbpkka branch name or just habbpkka is enough. help appreciated from.heart

Hello again:

Your complete IBAN will: PK63 HABB 00**************



Thank you So it means the format you have given is same to mine



I just want to confirm the swiftcode : habbpkka


I have added swiftcode like above







There must be 3 digit code as well with swift code, like: HABBPKKA814

Hello ,

can someone please guide how long will it take to appear in my bank account?

i received email that PPH funds has been transferred in my bank account on 22nd may, but i haven't received it yet.


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