My account was reject third time



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    Hi there,

    We're sorry that your application was not accepted. Please understand we have a very high volume of applications and in order to protect our existing community we have to put strict limits on our application process.

    Please note that we do not offer an appeal process for applications that are rejected. We suggest that you look through our help article on Why Your Application Was Declined and try to reapply in 3 months’ time. We will not accept a resubmission until then.

    Best wishes, 

    The Community Team

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  • viral

    Can somebody knows this how to deal with situation?

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  • Luigi

    This is bullshit, I have the same issue, this looks like a page where they dont give a fuck, just milking money from speed requests, they abuse the fact that we want to work as fast as possible, those who are up are those from whom they created the site, this sites looks fake as fuck...

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