Payment? How I get paid when I finish the job?



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    Hi Nela,

    We take these events very seriously and will immediately remove any user who goes against our T&Cs and is seen to be a threat to our community. 

    We have passed this information onto the relevant team to further investigate and take the appropriate actions.

    To ensure the safety and security of the community, all communications must be kept within the workstream and are outlined in our T&Cs.

    Please be aware that any communication outside the platform is strictly forbidden and is considered a breach of our T&Cs.


    Best wishes, 

    The Community Team

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  • Simon

    The way to avoid these scams is quite simple. If the word "Telegram" appears in the description, leave it because it is a scam. If you think it might be real and you are interested, submit a proposal through People Per Hour and ask for a deposit. It is reasonable to ask for 100% if you have not worked with a buyer before or you are unable to break the project into smaller pieces. Then forget about it. Only if they accept the proposal and pay the money into escrow do you actually work on the project. Once it is complete, you can raise the invoice and if the buyer doesn't pay it after 15 days, you can raise a support ticket with PPH and ask them to transfer the money from escrow to your account to pay the invoice.

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  • Nela

    Thank you very much.


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