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    Hi there, 

    To ensure the safety and security of the community, all communications must be kept within the workstream and are outlined in our T&Cs.  Anyone who mentions telegram is a particularly strong indicator of something that isn't a real project. 

    We take these events very seriously and will immediately remove any user who goes against our T&Cs and is seen to be a threat to our community. 

    Please be aware that any communication outside the platform is strictly forbidden and is considered a breach of our T&Cs.

    >> https://bit.ly/3DQFl9U

    Best wishes, 

    The Community Team

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  • Barbara

    I almost got scammed by one just like that today. I googled it though and figured out it was a scam before I did anything. Careful. If it's happening very often, this website is untrustworthy.

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  • aris

    oh I see, that was i thought.. Since I got here in PPH, I always got that kind of BID reply,, PPH should do something about it, They should filter the kinds of Buyer and Client Posting in PPH.

    Thank you for the info.. 

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  • aris

    Hi PPH, Thank you for the quick response regarding this matter, Honestly I am aware of It's rule, that communication outside of PPH workstream is highly not good. I just bring out the concern for your awareness and the rest of the freelancers..

    Thank you and more power..



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