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  • Rich

    There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself against copyright violation. Watermarking images, and disabling right click on demo URLs etc.

    It may be worth requesting smaller invoices at agreed steps through the process to reduce the loss risk.

    remember that escrow deposits are there for a reason.

    When dealing with clients, be sure to keep them updated, and get feedback along the way. If the case does go dispute, it will strongly go in your favour if they have been complimentary throughout the project workstream.

    • Be savvy about what you send to clients. If you are designing a web template, send a lower res .jpg with watermarks, then request payment for that period.

    • Look into scripts that make it difficult to clone your scripts.

    • Be selective, and use common sense when proposing. Enter in to details correspondence before proposing. That way you can both be clear on goals and milestones. 

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  • Safi

    I will work honestly and will never disappoint my Customers

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  • Adam

    Fantastic to hear Safi

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