"You have been selected to bid first" spam Emails mimic invites




  • Andreas

    I am also highly annoyed by these "You have been selected to bid first ..." e-mails, particularly as I get invited to jobs which have nothing to do with my advertised skill set. I am a translator for English and German only, and I receive invitations to translate French into Hebrew or write HTML code or other unrelated stuff.

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  • Nick

    It has driven me completely catatonic.

    Changing notification settings does NOTHING to stop the spamming

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  • Blessing

    Hi All,

    You guys get it all wrong. PPH invitation is entirely different from client invitation. PPH invitation goes like this;

    Hey xxxxxx,

    You're one of the most qualified Sellers for the Job "xxxxxxxxxx" because of your skills in xxxxxx.

    Most Buyers award their Jobs within the first hours. This Job was just posted and seems to be a perfect fit for you. Applying within the next hours also means that you won't use any of your available bid credits. Be quick and get a major advantage against the competition..........



    Client invitation goes like this;

    Hi xxxxxxxx

    You have been invited by xxxxxx to send a proposal for the Job "xxxxxxxxx". Here are some details about the Job:...........


    PPH invitation is automatic , If you do not possess the skills mentioned , you can remove them from your profile.

    If the job irrelevant with your skills? Let us know so that we can improve

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  • Mihai

    @ Micracle.

    In the Notifications menu on PPH both have the title 'You have been invited to send a proposal...." .  The email version is indeed slightly different but not enough . In any case this is in my view a source of confusion.

    If I posses a certain skill doesn't necessarily mean I wish to get all the spam related to it: skills like HTML and PhP probably have hundreds of related postings per week.

    If somebody actually likes these notifications , fine with me, I just think that we should have the possibility to disable them .



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  • Lovelli

    Does this feature have a time span? I received several invitations that led to a message saying "This job is not open for proposals" when I hover over the Send Proposal button. 

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  • Tim

    Yes - please sort this out. We need more specific notification settings. I get over 10 emails a day which I delete straight away - and my notifications are 'Essential only' apprarently. We need to be able to turn off/on the following types of emails separately. The current settings are inadequate.

    'Express Job invitations',

    'Selected to bid first for',

    'xx new jobs were posted'

    'You have been invited to send a proposal'

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  • Daniel

    I am getting these 'first to bid' emails despite changing my email notification setting to 'Essential' and removing the skills from my profile. I am still getting these messages, I keep my PPH profile for specific clients and for future use but in the meantime this is extremely annoying! Please offer an opt-out.

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  • Rick

    me too, it's very annoying, maybe i have thousand email by now total

    i can't find the setting on dashboard

    when i ACCIDENTALLY click  "let us know so that we can improve" it says  "thanks for reporting email is irrelevant to your skill"

    what? i don't want to report anything, i just want full control which email is match my job skill, like control panel , dashboard or something. I don't want to lose job invitation by just clicking "let us know" 

    well the point is flooding my email until now, i don't know what to do

    i have been on all freelance site, only PPH do this



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  • Andrea

    Who decided that the comment of "blessing" was th actual answer to this question/issue??

    this is offensive, in addition to the annoying spam that we are receiving.

    My focus is in particular to this phrase: "If you do not possess the skills mentioned , you can remove them from your profile."

    it's not about receiving emails about jobs that I cannot do, it's about receiving mails for jobs that I don't necessarily want to do! In particular, as you send so many of them, I might decide that I prefer to don't receive these notifications, and rather just get the invites from the buyers and then manually browse the other jobs, which is quicker and easier to filter them.

    I don't even want to speak about how many not relevant jobs I get invited for, because the algo could be improved and that's not actually the real problem.

    the problem is that It is rediculous that we cannot filter what it is clearly acting as a notification-feed which should be a service made for us, and not a way for pph to spam jobs in a desperate attempt to get good sellers to work on them.

    in particular, these are the functionalities that you should implement in a matter of urgency, because otherwise I'll have to turn all the email notifications off or place them into the spam folder:

    • option to don't receive that kind of notification at all

    • option to receive a bulk daily mail with a list of the matching jobs

    • option to don't receive notifications for jobs without budget

    • option to don't receive messages for jobs below a certain budget (some people might just don't want to work on small tasks at all)

    there could be more to make it actual useful, but these are the minimum options to make it usable.



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  • Andrea

    oh! I forgot one which could save the day as a very quick tweak while you implement the rest:

    place the full job text and budget into the mail, so I can quickly read it directly in there and decide if I want to trash it.

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  • Mihai

    Finally, I think they refined a bit their notification settings panel and separated the job notifications from other stuff.

    In https://www.peopleperhour.com/settings/notifications   : At ' What kind of Job notifications would you like to receive?' I only left the tick on ' Job Invitations from Buyers' and it seems to solver the problem.  It's been a week and I haven't gotten any... yet :)  I believe these annoying messages now fall under the category of 'Job recommendations from PPH' and it can be un-ticked without affecting the other notifications.

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  • Andrea

    oh good!

    I haven't seen that before!

    anyway, I would actually like to receive those notifications, but not being flooded by them. so I still think they must provide more options to filter them.

    in the meanwhile, I'll switch them off.

    thanks Mihai!

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  • Becca

    I can see why they could be useful... but they are sending so many now, I wake up and find my inbox with up to 30 emails, most of which are for jobs I would never bid on. About 70% are badly skill matched (jobs for email data management when I only do email design or jobs for 3 days work for a tenner).

    We need more control on what invites we get and how many we get at any one time.

    PPH, please can you look into this?


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