How to get rid of a negative feedback from dishonourable seller?




  • Kelly

    I'm so sorry to read you're experiencing difficulties with a seller here. A member of our team will email you within 24 hours to investigate

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  • Naomi


    I also have a similar problem.  I wondered if you could help and there is also a threat that they the seller may sabotage my online work!  Please advise as soon as poss.




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  • Tony

    I contracted a seller to write a product based article but even after he edited it the material was still unusable, so I just told him we couldn't use it but paid him anyway just to close the project. I left feedback to say that  I was not happy with his work and wouldn't use him again. He has now left me very negative feedback which contains my website URL. I would like this removed from the feedback but don't know how this can be done. Any ideas?

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  • Evgeniya

    Hi! My name is Evgeniya and I am a freelancer. I have worked with the buyer and he gave me the feedback which I didn’t agree with. I consider it not to be fare. And in response to his feedback I wrote that I was not agree with him and so on. And now after a while I think that I shouldn’t do that. I was too emotional at that moment. And now I would like to ask you to delete my feedback (which I have written) if it is possible. 

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


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