Buyer asking for freebies




  • Paul

    I've already had another person today ask if I would be willing to provide a free trial piece

    Never do it - or if you do make it unusable in a commercial situation.

    Always report such requests to PPH.

    is this becoming more commonplace?

    Who knows? There have always been chancers and rip-off merchants on PPH amid the majority of honest buyers.


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  • John Punchy

    My work is copywriting and I often get asked for samples of similar work on my Hourlies.

    That's difficult because there's a huge risk they will simply adapt my copy and its also difficult to put examples in my portfolio, unlike say a designer, for the same reason.

    I always respond to these requests by saying PPH advises against sending out examples, and asking them to check my profile and feedback and also reminding them that the funds are held inn escrow until they are happy.

    A good percentage will buy the hourlie.

    Occasionally after a longer dialogue on a stream I may send an example  - it really is a judgement call - but this approach works well for me.







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