Need regular valid VAT invoice




  • Paul

    You get regular, perfectly usable invoices from sellers. They carry all of the details that you need, including the VAT number if required.

    The same is true of PPH they issue full invoices for their charges.

    These are separate from the statements. Check out the payments section where you will find invoices received and sent. In transactions you will see the PPH fees with a link to their invoice for that fee. It includes all of the required information.


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  • Mattias

    We have the same issue!

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  • Vilnis

    Similar thoughts here:

    Invoice from the developer for £25 + VAT, £30 in total; fine.

    Meanwhile bank statement shows two payments: First £21.30 (for £20 deposit) and second £10.95 (for £10 balance and £0.95 PPH fee).

    So now my book-keeper and accountant and I have to chase two missing invoices from PPH (one for £1.30, one for £0.95) to bundle with the developer's invoice, reconciling three documents with two bank transactions.


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