Need an escrow refund

I posted an hourly, the hourly did not deliver and I need to request a refund of my escrow amount




Hi Brad

A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to assist you with this

Hi Bradley

You must click 'Request Refund' in the WorkStream. I have attached an image of where you can find this button

i will like to have  escrow refund the job was not done well or in time i will like a partial refund 


How do i get a refund ? I have now posted 2 jobs. The first one i received a refund for as the person doing the job decided they couldn't do it, but i don't know where the money went ?

The second job i posted was supposed to be completed in Nov, i finally gave up and requested a refund but don't know how to get it, so i can re post the job for somebody else to do ? 

Hello, I need a refund, I paid before the job was finished as was made to feel sorry for the contractor who said People Per Hour works in an unfair way for those who are doing big jobs like website creation. There are major design flaws and technical flaws in the website he delivered. The website went live before sign-off and was supposed to complete in October and is still not complete. Some of the sections of the website have just been let, the design v's the technical was never discussed and the aesthetic has suffered to the point I do not direct potential clients to my site (which was the whole point of it). This was one of the most expensive offers for the job but I went with him as he said that he wanted to ensure I was 100% happy and was more experience in my market than the offers from out of the UK and London. What a let down. 

I am also waiting for a refund from a person who promised me the work a week ago and and has ignored my messages and request for a refund. This is a big problem for my trust in PPH as I am left chasing and leaving messages. Am rethinking using PPH as I can see this has happened not just to me.



hi the hourly did not deliver the work in time but I all ready paid for it by mistake.he just sent me an invoice under the old job posting and i i think his got the money before the job even began

I've used him before, but this time he asked for more money for next day delivery.

its taking over a week  to deliver and he's not communicating with me.

he does not understand what work i need from him.

not abble  to follow instructions.

he just sent me something but was absolutely not what Ive asked for.

I'm running out of time as i needed that work a week ago.

how do i get my money back and choose a different hourly.

who do i report to about this as i don't want to use him aymore just want my money back.

please help anyone :(




i have requested a refund of my escrow amount and nothing has been done

I also need a refund, it been told the money held in Escow acc, how can i get the refund in cash.

I posted an hourly, the hourly did not deliver due to the dealine, have been missing 3 Deadlines even and at the end came up with uncompleted Job! I need to request a refund of my escrow amount of 250$.

I posted an hourly, the hourly did not deliver and I need to request a refund of my escrow amount. He just quit contacting me.How soon can I receive my refund?

I have put too much money in my Escrow for the seller accidentally. How can I retrieve this money?



I requested a lot of times to pay my escrow amount but you people are not paying any attention and lingering the matter unnecessarily. You have any pride in your agency pl pay the amount immediately. 

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