My client and I need to change the currency of the payments from $ to £, I can't work out how!

When I initially did the first job for my client he had set the job up to pay in dollars. We've both agreed that it's better to work in £ GBP but I can't seem to change it when raising an invoice.

Is this something I need to do, how do I/does he go about this?


Hi Chloe

A member of our team will email you within 24 hours to assist you with this

I have the same issue with my client, but from $ do euros. Can you please assist me too into solving that? 


How can I change Current Currency Sign from UK POUND SIGN (£) to USD Dollars ($ ).

Buyer is not accepting my proposal as it should be in USD Dollars sign ($) not in UK pound currency sign (£). But I have selected all in GBP (£).


Zahid Saleem

i have the same problem. need to write proposal in USD. how to change it?

I also have that problem and would like to know how you can change the currency when you submit a proposal.  Kind Regards Pete

I usually operates in pounds but my clients wants to do the next two autopays in dollars. I have set my currency to dollars, but am not seeing dollars on the autopay request form.. please contact me so that we can resolve this and get on with the job...

I'd like some feedback on this too. I had quoted a job in sterling but the bid has been sent to my client in US dollars, which I didn't notice until after I had sent the proposal. I was the one proposing the fee, as the client had left it open to the freelancers to make their own bid, and my own account is set up for sterling.

I can understand if the buyer has already suggested a fee in dollars, but that wasn't the case here. Have searched through the help resources but can't find anything that explains why. :-)



I must say that I also experience the same issue here, as I have agreed on a Euro fee with my client. But I always get the GBP currency when raising my invoice. Can you please help me in fixing this little issue ?

King regards


I have the same problem. I contact the seller for a new job, but when he sends me a proposal it is in Euros. It needs to be in dollars. He says that I need to change it on my end by I don't see anywhere I can select the currency. Please advise. Thanks!

This seems to be a recurring problem -- why don't you make it easy for us to switch currencies?  I have switched my currency twice now, my profile has my US address, but the request to my hourlie keeps going in pounds when I want to pay in dollars.

It can be changed in settings > Drop down menu of profile 'top right' > Payments > Control Panel (right hand side) Payment settings (2nd from bottom) > Default Currency (bottom option)

Same issue here! No way to switch currency.

It's bizarre that one can't pay in the currency of ones choice.

Similar issue here.

I have been contacting PPH customer support for several weeks now re: an issue I have but, unlike other freelancer websites, there has not been a single response so I am posting in this thread about this issue.

Whenever I pay people, I have to pay in US dollars. This is the despite me being in the UK and having selected GBP in my currency selection. Having to pay in US dollars means I incur currency exchange charges etc.

What I can do please? Is there any way of paying for jobs in GBP please?

Secondly, as PPH won't respond to my support tickets, is there a telephone number or email address I may contact them at?

Thank you very much. I appreciate your assistance.

Here's what I got from Customer Support:

Hello Deborah

Thank you for your message.

You will have to set the default currency of the job to USD. To do this, proceed to create a new job ( and go to the bottom of the page and toggle the 'Expected Budget' section to USD. At that point the user should be able to bid in USD.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.


PPH Senior Support Advisor

Since I already knew the hourlie I wanted to work with, I wrote back asking how to arrange it, and was told:

Thank you for your message.

In this case just press the 'advanced options' button and set the job to 'private'. Once you post it you can invite the seller you've selected to send you a proposal, and can continue the job through the new WorkStream.

Hi I need to change from Euros to GBP so that I can complete this job.  PLease email me today if you can  24.01.2018


Hi everyone, I am in the UK and so is the buyer, for some reason the job was advertised in GBP but would only let me put a proposal in Euros! this incurs a fee from the bank, my client finds this also strange as she works in GBP. 


How can I change Current Currency Sign from UK POUND SIGN (£) to USD Dollars ($ ).

Buyer is not accepting my proposal as it should be in USD Dollars sign ($) not in UK pound currency sign (£). But I have selected all in GBP (£).


Paz Gottfrit

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