Why is there suddenly £70 minimum withdrawal limit?

I Just finished a recent job and went to withdraw the funds only to find out that there is now a minimum amount you can withdraw, I am , to say not impressed at this as I need to withdraw these funds urgently. What If I had no other work lined up to take me over the limit? Would that amount then sit in there indefinitely? I think it's bloody ridiculous.

And not even an email update from PPH to tell us that this has even happened.


One disappointed and angry user.


Plus £70 just doesn't make sense.

A £20 limit would be understandable.  I would not be so bothered about something like that, but on this occasion as I'm trying to withdraw just over £60 this really irritates me. Why change something that was working just fine??

I'm sorry to hear that Luke, a member of our team will email you within 24 hours to assist

Yes,I agree, no prior warning whatsoever. This is taking things too far and will stop many people wanting to use PPH.Like Luke has said what if the work you had undertaken was the only work you had on.Just another thing to add to the ever changing site. Not right at all to keep hold of peoples money so they are tied into having to bid for more work just to get what is owed to them back???? 

They Actually resolved the issue for me, it was a bug in the withdrawal system rather than a set limit. 

I have the same issue. Can you sort it out for me too please PPH?

A member of our team will email you within 24 hours to assist

I have the same issue. Can you sort it out for me too please PPH?

I also cannot withdraw, please help, why is there also no option to talk directly to customer support?

As there minimum limit of withdrawal $70 and I do have balance $59.40. Well my question is, I want to deposit deficit funds of $20. How can I do it? So that I can withdraw my amount. Otherwise, please make the limitation of withdrawal amount minimize to $30 as everybody is suffering as I read above. Further, I am not foreseeing that any project I could avail from any client that make sense of increasing my earnings. So Please resolve it immediately either minimizing the limitation of withdrawal up to $30 or else advise a way of depositing deficit through my bank account to reach up to the withdrawal level i.e. $70?

Tanveer, is there a minimum withdrawal amount of $70? I don't think so.

Have you tried?

hi, I have already added my payoneer account but it cannot seen in my profile. could you please check it?

Shishir, contact support. You are wasting your time asking that question here.

but I have asked them before 48 hours not received response yet.

That's as may be, but they sure aren't answering questions here.

In my experience, answers are more-likely to be found here, from the community rather than the support people.

So is there a limit or not? -  I haven't hit this problem yet

Only a few weeks ago, there was chaos in the payments system, after PPH emailed everybody insisting that balances be withdrawn quickly.

The amount to withdraw €68.47 cannot be less than the minimum (€70) allowed by the selected payment method.


i also got these message why .....?

Contact the PPH support channel - they don't monitor these forums.

Please let us know what happens.

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