help with missing payments

Hi. I'm having problems getting a response regarding my enquiry to pph re missing payments. It's been 3 days now and so far they've closed down my enquiry - without contacting me. I had to raise another query and still waiting. I have 2 payments missing. Is there any other way to contact them? Thanks.


thanks for a reply. Yes I tried PPH 4 times this week -contacted support. They are not responding to me. The client paid the invoices 3 weeks ago. Then, following that, I had another 2 payments, (last 2 invoices) which I have received. So the money I'm waiting for was 4 invoices back. However, while pph have received their money, as my transaction history details the fees they collect, it's all down as paid, but it can be clearly seen that I have not withdrawn this via paypal. I have to withdraw this for it to go to paypal -it's never been there. I don't really know what to do if they continue to ignore me. I've lost around £15, with the fees off so I'll just have to write it off!

..also the PPH team are in London this week at a business show.

Thanks Paul - so I guess if they're away this week that might explain the delay.

Suzy, your transaction history should show all escrow transfers to your PPH wallet and paypal withdrawals from the wallet, so it should be easy to identify AWOL payments.

Hi Paul. Thanks for replying.
Yes, my transaction history has been scrutinised by me - I have the 2 AWOL payments. When I first queried these on Tuesday, I waited til Wed night for a response - didn't get one. When I checked the query history -they'd closed down my enquiry at support, marking it with solved. They did this again after I raised another query on Wednesday evening. I have to raise another on Thursday and also left 3 comments about it at various intervals up until Friday. It's still open today, so far. Basically I'm new to pph - my work transactions are simple -I only have 7 and have received payment via paypal for 5 of them. I'll wait until Monday before I get back to them again. I will raise another query if necessary.

For each withdrawal from your wallet to paypal, you should be able to match that in your paypal account history. I know you've probably done it but better to be absolutely sure.

It's outrageous for PPH not to be sorting this out with you - if only so that you can also ask paypal if PPH confirm the payment was actually sent.

FB gets their attention very well - they don't like public criticism, but they may ban you from there afterwards.

thanks Paul. I'm going to double check everything again today and then I'll query it again on Monday if still no response. Thanks again. Appreciate you taking the time to advise.

PPH should really be on top of this - they've just abandoned people.

Yes, Michael, I mean YOU.

Hi Suzy,
Please can you send me across your ticket number?
Sorry to hear they have been closed down, we will have to look into this.

Paul - will you be joining us at the business show?
Many thanks

Pilar, I won't be at the business show, so you guys can stand down security!

Xenios can be relieved I won't be there to heckle him.

Hi Pilar. Ticket no 416485. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Suzy,
I've sent to our payments team.
Many thanks

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