Verification of a buyers account looks fishy!



  • Andrew

    I think PPH shouldn't need any identification. Once you register and login AND you do work through your login, AND you provide a PayPal account, you can be paid. Obviously it must have been YOU who did the work because you need to communicate through your login, and you are not likely to give someone else's PayPal account. Unless they are doing some money-laundering check which I doubt. The level of ID they ask for is high risk in this world of identity theft. Who are PPH anyway? They assume that we trust THEM. They have not provided any proof as to their own credibility. They have a snazzy website, so what. I hate that they question MY ID and yet provide no proof as to their own reliability, credibility and honesty. The level of ID asked for goes far beyond what is needed to run this service. I question their motives.

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  • Kelly

    Hi Daniel,

    I have just looked in your account and I can see you were provided with the following answer:

    In order to get your account verified, you need to provide us the below documents. We request that you provide us with clearly legible scanned colour copies (scan, photo or screenshot) of one document from each of the categories listed below:

    1) Personal Identification:
    • A copy of a Government issued ID with all information clearly visible (Passport, Driver’s License or National ID Card)

    2) Address Verification:
    • A copy of a recent utility bill or Bank Statement showing your name and address (less than 3 months old)

    3) Source of Payment Verification:
    a. In case you have used a Credit or Debit Card on your PPH account (one of the following):
    • A copy of the front and back used on your PPH account. For Security Compliance we recommend that you blank out the central 8 digits of the card number digits, and the last three digits at the number on the back (CVC/CVV number)
    • Credit or Debit Card Bank Statement for the card used on your PPH account including a Peopleperhour transaction (less than 3 months old). For Security Compliance you must blank out the central 8 digits of the card number digits

    b. In case you have used a PayPal account on your PPH account:
    • PayPal Account statement showing your PayPal registered name, email address and verification status along with any relevant transactions

    c. In case you have used a Skrill account on your PPH account • Skrill Account statement showing your Skrill registered name and email address along with any relevant transactions

    I can imagine that you may feel concern in supplying this documentation but would like to advise that we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and we are legally obliged to protect any personal information that we hold under the Data Protection Act.

    I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We hope you understand that we have the best interests of our customers and KYC compliance regulations in mind when performing these checks.

    For more information please read our Terms and Conditions under

    Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

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  • Daniel

    @Kelly. All you have done is copy and pasted exactly what I've said above.

    I'm a customer looking to buy products and services from freelancers.

    A service provider tells me before I order their service I need to make sure my account is verified or I will not be able to buy from them.

    I then contacted you guys and your telling me to send you all this personal information (more information than even PayPal asks me to give them) for a $500 product.

    Your website does not even have the most basic https SSL certification and your asking me to trust you with non-encrypted photo copies of my passport, utility bill & front and back of credit card.

    Am I missing something here or are you saying this information needs to be provided or I can't buy from your database of freelancers even though I have already made several successful purchased from my account over the last 12 months?

    Am I the only one here who thinks this is unacceptable and putting customers at risk? Don't come back and tell me my information will be secure because if Microsoft can get hacked I'm pretty sure you can too!


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  • Andrew

    Perhaps PPH's Xenios Thrasyvoulou can email you the same details about his ID as he is expecting from you, that would be a start.

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