Are you guys joking?

Ever since I've been here, my freelancing career has become disturbed.
- I invited my client to PPH, didn't get any reward even though he used correct ref link. Nor did I get any Zero fee service.
- You took 2 weeks to process my verification no matter what proof I gave, you asked for more and more. With delaying over and over again. Then I got paid, and withdrew money to skrill.
- NOW, YOU FREAKS...rejected my payment AGAIN saying that my account is unverified. IF MY ACCOUNT IS UNVERIFIED, THEN HOW DID I GOT PAID AT THE FIRST PLACE????
- For past few days, all I saw was "400 ERROR" on every page, now that my payment has been rejected, the error message is gone too.
- You say I gotta add some proof of work, you freaks didn't see all those source codes we exchanged?
I heard bad things about PPH, yet I trusted you guys. Yup, thats how I get paid for my trust. I'll NEVER EVER RECOMMEND YOU GUYS to ANYONE.
And, please, no, I can't calm down. Your payment team knows SHIT. ALL YOU KNOW IS DELAY DELAY AND DELAY, then PROOF, VERIFICATION, BLA BLA BLA.


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Hi Md Abu,
Many thanks for your message.
I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.
Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Relax bro,

Contact the support , send your ID and required documents to verify your identity and you will receive payment.

0% service fee means that you won't pay the 5-15% fee with the clients you invited.

For the reward check the terms page about the conditions.

you should be OK within a week

Md Abu

I contacted the support, they never replied, thats why I posted to the community.

You see, The issue is not about zero service fee or reward. The issue is that, we already verified our accounts and did some transactions too. There is just no way our account will be unverified out of blue. Even now, The verification tab shows our accounts are already verified. PROOF:

The first time they asked for verification shit was a nightmare, we had to WASTE pure 1 week and then they rejects our invoice and asked for verification. We VERIFIED our accounts and the invoice was PAID.
Then I raised another invoice after 1-2 weeks, waited 3-4 days, all I was/am seeing was "400 Error (wanna see the console log?)" and a non-existent "feedback waiting for you" notification. Proof:

Now, see what I meant, they just flat rejected my withdrawal+invoice without a proper reason. And the admin added a note that my account is missing documents.

If thats true than this mail was from outer space. which is saying that my account is verified and I won't have any problems.

It was a mistake to invite my client here, both of us are suffering, and PPH team is doing some disturbing things.

If their response is just that slow, they should add more peoples to their team. If they want verification, they can just ask it at the beginning. Why play with our money? Does their fathers earn them this money? Its our money, they got NO, ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS playing with our TIME AND MONEY.

I'm going to write about this in the whole web, tell everyone to ignore this shitty marketplace, no matter who is responsible, they just got no rights wasting OUR TIME and testing our PATIENCE.

I agree this is a real nightmare.

try to follow up the previous ticket and wait.
Last time it took me 10 days to fix my issue (missing balance), after posting and re-posting, support confused the issue with a previous one...

God bless bro

Md Abu

I contacted support over and over again and again and then the support has solved the issue. BUT the issue remains.
I am still seeing error messages, still don't know why I didn't receive the ref reward. Still don't know why my dashboard shows a random weird notification pointing to a empty workstream.
But these are small issues, my big issues are as below,
Why didn't I get any notification or mail asking me for my verification documents? You mean I gotta ask the super fast contact everytime about what went wrong? Do your clock runs backwards?
I applied for Payoneer, so you guys decided to reject my invoice/withdrawal, but didn't even let me know beforehand that this will happen. I could only know what was going on AFTER POSTING THESE? Then suddenly I get a mail showing that my account has a document missing? Still when the original website has no notification?
Yup, no matter how much my situation is solved, I'm still unsatisfied. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKE?
If you want to hold our money, just ask for it. Don't do it like cheaters, do it like you mean it, ask us for money, we'll give it happily.

PeoplePerHours administrators delayed the availability my Payoneer cards more than three months and do not want to withdraw my money.
I just need my earned money. I don
t want your`s.
What should I do?

Md Abu

@Sergiy, one of the issues was made because I applied for a Payoneer card. Just reject your Payoneer card offer, withdraw via Skrill. If you didn't get your Payoneer card yet, there are just no need to wait for them.

I have my Payoneer card in my hands over 3 month, but that guys still confirm it :-(

Md Abu

Hmm, create another issue, a support ticket.
They have no right to waste your time.

If there is someone, please, answer me.

I got my money on Escrow. Should I ask an invoice now? To me it looks, that I will ask my payment twice.

But my Skrill account is unverified (I added it yesterday). Can I get money just on PPH wallet?

Dasha, if work is finished you can raise invoice.

Money can stay in PPH balance for an eternity if you want

hey PPH team, my withdraw from pph wallet has rejected. what should I do. I am very dissappointed. 

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