Paypal and Credit Card payments not working

I am not able to pay an invoice using Credit card and Paypal. 

When I choose to pay with credit cards I enter my card information, get redirected to verified by visa and when I finally click the pay button I am redirected to the PPH Pay Invoice page with the payment still not made. There also is no error shown throughout the process. Same with Paypal. I get redirected to Paypal, I choose my card and click pay and again gets redirected to the PPH Pay Invoice page. What am I doing wrong?


Official comment


Thanks for reaching out.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience and I would like to inform you that due to a technical issue we were having on the site earlier today, any payment attempts that were made using a Paypal account did not go through successfully.

Our developers team was investigating the matter at top priority and they were able to resolve it quickly. Any users who were charged more than once will find the funds available in their PPH account and they can of course request a withdrawal in order to return the funds back to their account.

Once again I deeply apologise for any inconvenience due to this issue and if there is anything that we can do to help please let me know.

Did this get permanently fixed? I had this trouble before and I am now having it again today.


SAME PROBLEM HERE TOO. If PayPal isn't an option, it should be removed. 

Why is your credit card platform refusing Visa cards that are perfectly ok???

I am not able to make a payment with PayPal for a Job which agreed the quotation. 

I have paid before with the same papal account number to PPh for the same freelancer ( image ) 

please advise 

thank you 

same problem here tried to add funds, and or make payment not getting a error message just goes back to payment page. 

Every time I attempt to run my business card I go back to the purchase screen.

mine turned out to be my bank blocking over seas transaction for security. I had them remove the block for pph only, no more issues. 

I have never been able to pay by my debit card as it just freezes and computer and I can do nothing (not even close that window or go back) and I have to end task my browser.  This is the same even if I turn off my anti-virus.


Hello I had a pay pal account and it was not verified and I couldn’t get paid I deleted it and put my bank account as a payment method! I cannot see the payment on my profile yet both deposit and the remaining amount what should I do?

trying to pay by credit card, not working. I do not use paypal.

Still a problem.. Paypal and visa not working....

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