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  • Darryn

    I have been receiving numerous emails in dealing with an apparent issue. ticket number below. 

    I am yet to receive correspondence to my last email.

    Please advise. 

    Thank you

    Please find our reply to your request (#554321) below. 

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  • Paul

    2 Glitches in a row...

    1st my funds were sent to the wrong bank account. That got resolved but with no confirmation. I found out by checking my wallet.


    I noticed the funds were back in my wallet but the bank account I've been using for years has been disapproved??? 

    Been waiting since 17.10.16 for the issue to be resolved.

    Can you please resolve this?

    Very inconvenient and time consuming not to mention I can't access my money without going through another bank account approval process!


    Paul DeCouto

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  • popupPR

    Why am I not allowed to sign up my business by its business name? Lots of others are signed up this way on your site. 

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  • Justin

    I have $50 in one of my working Escrows and can't withdraw this, as an invoice isn't there.


    Please advise



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  • Donald
    Im trying to upload the required docs but under the identification documents tab appears the message We dont require any documents at this time. So please how can I verify my account in order to continue my project?
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  • Recep

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    For a week I am waiting for my order to be completed by this person or company, please ask why it is not finished ..
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Reply with quote
    Sunil Sharma
    Founder & CEO at HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. | EasyShiksha.Com
    Cell: +91 -92694-96035 + 91-0141-4113040 Skype: suniljoshi151
    E-mail:¡¡ |

    Reply with quote:

    My order to them:
    Do not release the deposit until my order is completed.

    Here is my message to this person - company:

    Here is my message from today at this person:
    -------------------------------------------------- -----------------


    Dear sir Sunil,

    What I see is not good,
    1) You have installed the tool on your server, ok ..
    2) You have not made any changes as I see ..
    3) You must now decide what to do in the short term ..
    4) Do they want to finish it immediately or not?
    5) Even if they have other work, I need to know it ..
    6) You get from me, every hour exactly what they have to do.
    7) If they do not cooperate with me, then we must separate.
    8) for 500.- € buy new tool which I have shown to you as a pattern ..
    9) I have to earn money every day so I can earn it?
    10) This is only the beginning of what I want everything ..
    11) You can earn 5000 - 10000 in the coming 2-3 months ..
    12) So I expect from them very fast work .. yes or no ..

    bst rgds

    Recep Engin

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  • Recep

    Sir Sunil,

    That's all I already know
    I bought it so
    They have not changed anything since a week,
    There is communication to the support team and negative rating ..
    Do you want it

    You are certainly not happy when I recall the order or ..
    If I lose every day 1000.- €, it is good ..

    So we need to communicate better.

    bst rgds

    Recep Engin

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  • Melissa

    I need a refund as the person I hired was not able to complete a task. She said she tried to make the refund but the site is saying her funds aren't available. How can we address this? 

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  • willow

    The project #1263689 was half way done and I have agreed with the hourlie to pay only half of the payment, i.e. USD30. When I check my account again I was charged USD60, being USD30 twice on the same date (PayPal transaction ID:3UN240230X910860L & 8VN25529XD876722H) ??? Please check that for me and put the credit back.



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  • Jerome

    Dear pph  your contact system is extremely difficult to contact anyone. At all. I had £150 in my wallet, paid £50 to a programmer who had no grasp of my requirement, leaving £100. I have today paid to pph another £150 (total now £300) and yet see only £100 still in my wallet? 

    Transaction ID: 21834690254435605
    Seller Name & Email:,
    Transaction Amount: -£154.20 GBP
    Transaction Date:

    23 Nov 2016

    To continue with another supplier please would you correct this for me to £250 immediately. Thank you.

    Jerome Thomas

    (it would be appreciated if you would please cancel the other (first) programmer who was unable to complete the job, thank you.  Confirmation of my paypal payment is:

    23 Nov 2016 Payment To  Completed  ...

    -£154.20 GBP 




    I will not be able to send pph any more money until my account is correct please. Jerome Thomas,


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  • Sharon

    I have cancelled a proposal by mistake before the job could be taken at a lower rate.  Now I cannot change my proposal

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  • David

    I tried to contact customer support using their online instructions it turns out the advice they gave us is wrong just makes you go round and round in a circle it's not possible to contact customer support. No telephone number, mailing address or email you to ask for help.  There must be tens of millions of people use this site and there's no bloody support not even bad ones.

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  • Mosay

    I always thought that you are a site that gives good service. But I was shocked when I saw your note, I am not able to continue working.
    I'm disappointed, I think it seems, better for me to work at another site.
    I was involved and I could not work a lot. While I had a successful contract and I had 6 proposal credits and I could get more contracts.

    So to solve this problem, I request to give me access so that I can make contract via 6 proposals credits left.




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  • Nebo

    Need to contact somene from the website as i have a problem any number or email?

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  • Paul

    Take note folks! Evidently now you cannot send your hard earned money to any bank account including family. It has to approved! Ridiculous!

    My letter to the CEO and response to added accounts being rejected.

    Good afternoon Xenios,


    Normally I would not take a matter like this to the CEO of a company but in this case, I feel it's imperative.


    I'm a long standing freelancer with PPH, in fact one of the top in my category.


    There is an injustice here that is not being handled in the best interest of the freelancer.


    I need to add an account due to an issue with my current bank Nationwide hence this complaint.


    I need resolution to this matter or I will simply not be using PPH. Failing any solution, I will also seek legal advice, and may confer with main stream media sources.


    I look forward to your valued reply.






    Response to the incident:



    In the first place, PPH some how changed it's added account policy. It did NOT specify that I could not send MY MONEY WHICH I EARNED AND IS IN MY WALLET NOT PPH'S MONEY to any account I wish. That in itself should be illegal! I assumed PPH wanted a statement from my account which is Nationwide not someone else's account. And PPH has NO business seeing transactions on a statement. That's private! 


    This is UNACCEPTABLE!!! And will be dealt with. I now plan to seek legal advice, send a letter to your CEO Xenios and consider main stream press if necessary. What impact that will have on your client base or image will be determined.




    I have a current issue with Nationwide so effectively PPH is trapping what belongs to me!



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  • Valera
    Hello, how should I do to associate my Pay Pay to PPH account correctly, thank you very much !!
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  • Bezuidenhout

    I had started a workstream with Krinosis in the beginning of December. He did not complete everything and wanted to stop the order. He asked nicely not to stop the work and he will complete all requirements within a week. It did not happen. A while after thst my laptop crashed and i had to wait for my supplyer to get stock on the item i wanted. Within this time i could not log into my pph acc, Gaurav from Krinosis saw this on my profile and raised a invoice.. PPH paid him the money and till today i havent received any files. All queries made to PPH regarding this is met with "sorry we cant help you" this is really pathetic for a big platform like this. Why isnt there measurements in place to protect the buyer? In this case the buyer (me) has been robbed and the thief is being protected. Is this really how you work? Protecting sellers who steals money from buyers on your platform? 8 MONTHS after starting and i am sitting with NO files and not even my money. This is bad. I am not pleased with your accountability. How can a buyer using this platform be the loser? I trusted PPH with my money and this happens. Be careful using Krinosis aka Gaurav Sharma aka Print Preview.... Actually... Please be careful using ANYONE on this platform!!!!?

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    Hello, People per hour I am a freelancer I cannot add my PayPal account to people per hour, identification documents are not getting submitted.

    It's saying that "We do not require any documents at this time."
    freelancer and upwork are quite good at giving response but no response contact no. or 
    email id at people per hour. very disappointing. 
    now hoping for instant reply.
    Hitesh G.
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  • Shyann

    I’m still awaiting a response regarding a refund that has been issued to me and is in my wallet. I’m having difficulty locating this refund/finding my wallet. I am waiting to accept a new proposal but would like to use the funds in my wallet. I have been waiting 2 weeks for a response!!!

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  • Danish


    I have submitted my application as per all the requirements and i provide all necessary details , but still my account doesn't accepted . and they don't even  tell me  the reason why the don't accept. Please help me to activate my people per hour account and contact me please.

    Thanks !!


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  • The Commercial Law Partners LLP

    I have to totally agree with you. I think PPH forget, it's the Freelancers who pay for the large profits. A simple system to allow us to contact PPH would be great, not spend half a day to find the link, then have the entire world able to read of the issues too!

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