Anyone not received payments - READ THIS

It seems that once again PPH has had issues with payments to paypal and payoneer since last thursday.

If this has affected you, please check your available money now. The request to withdraw may have been deleted and the money returned to your account, forcing you to withdraw again.

However there has been no communication to anyone to tell us this. Considering the time constraints on payments, this is unforgiveable.

If you withdraw before 12pm today, you should (theoretically) receive the money today - depending on your withdrawal method.

However, if you miss the 12pm deadline you'll be waiting another day.

Fingers crossed PPH will inform us about something at some point, but not counting on it. In the meantime, I'll keep updating here if I discover anything else and I encourage other people to do so too.


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Thanks for your messages

Our Products team informed us about a temporary glitch on our system that it seems to have been resolved now. 

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Good for you Megan, I have just tweeted this as well

Thanks Craig - pity we have to do the job of customer support for them. But I suppose that is what a public forum is for.

According to PPH terms and conditions transfers to bank accounts take 2-3 days and paypal payments are made within 1 working day. In practise this has always been the same day if the withdrawal request is made before 12pm.

I wouldn't mind if it was 1 working day - but I have been waiting since Friday and some people have been waiting since thursday.

I have never had to go through an approval process prior to being able to withdraw. 

The system seems so random and I agree, it makes you worry for the safety of your funds.

I tend to request frequent invoices to keep them small - so I never am relying on a large payment. But we shouldn't have to.

Just to be clear: PayPal goes through the same day if requested before midday. Not any other payment type. Usually...

I knew it had something to do with this new withdraw all your money edict. That makes sense now.

8 days for a bank withdrawal is ridiculous. What on earth do they think they are doing? 

However, PayPal is also not being processed. It is moved to pending and stays there. Until the transaction is abandoned and the money moves back to your available balance.

They need to hire more staff and quickly. Or people will start to move their clients to direct payment methods.

This approval process idea is new - I've never seen it before. It is simply a case of them not having the resources to do the job properly - typical.

Does anyone have any idea why they don't want people having a balance in their account? What's the long term reason for insisting everyone clears their money?

I agree with the commission structure in general - although the percentages for some are too high.

However, I am a full time freelancer with a good portion of my work going through the site. I can't afford to wait till some undetermined date to get my payments.

The holding a balance thing might be to do with the same legislation that energy companies have to comply with - in they cannot be seen to be making money from the balances and they should return money whenever possible and certainly whenever requested.

This speculation would be easily reduced if they just tell us something coherent...

I requested a withdrawal to my PayPal account on the 16th and wasn't getting anything so I contacted the Support team and got today a reply from them.

Today I requested it again and will wait till tomorrow to see what will happen :/

My expectation is that the rejection of the request for payment has put us at the back of the queue - but that might be me being cynical.

I made my second request for payment this morning. Waiting now to see if it is processed. Doesn't look good so far..

Megan our other post was removed by pph support team and also now i see there is no send a proposal, raise invoice or any bar in any workstream. has anyone else see that?

Can any tell me please my invoice was rejected and I can not send message to my  client. Also I have fund in my escrow that I requested to my client, How can i get paid.

LOL what is happening, nothing in the workstream on my side also :O ?

all messages have also stopped no message going to any client now. 

yep me too - are we being punished for complaining?

I can't invoice or quote for jobs now either

I would guess there is a much wider issue, don't think they would waste time on 4 or 5 of us right now :)

Must be a serious problem in their system

Me to Les and this happened when I earned the most in these 3 years that I'm working here, really annoying :/

Is this only happening to sellers? I am still getting requests from clients to send proposals. How am I even supposed to reply if sending messages isn't possible anymore?

It must be to prevent us from requesting any more money while they work out how to pay us what we are currently owed.

Whatever is happening - it is clearly BAD...

The worst thing about all this over the past few days is the lack of communication from PPH directly, with the fee's that are being paid and money they take from every avenue possible an email is the very least I expect

I am absolutely baffled why they have not released a statement, rumour mill is in over drive and they are getting pounded on Social Media, they really need to speak out

Has the situation been this BAD before? I joined PPH some 5 years ago, but only started using it last year. Even weirder is the fact I can view other freelancer/client profiles, but I cannot access mine.

Money wise it was as bad as this in November and took till the Wednesday to sort out but the site did not go down then, that is what makes this all very strange

I've been here 10 years and worked consistently all that time. Never ever seen this before. Im willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as it seems like a major coding error (hack?) - but please, PPH, just tell us what is happening!

And anyone who is still completing work - stop. You can't guarantee you are going to be paid.

Yes its seems working and back to normal but as Megan says there is no guarantee right now if we will get paid so for today iam pause all projects until this withdraw issue is solved. 

but still no payments 

Why can't they warn us of these shutdowns?

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