Do something with your moderators. PLEASE.

Guys, I've sent you a huge amount of abuses about wrong work of your moderators.

Finally, please, please do something with it.
Few minutes ago I've received a message about decline of my question on clarification board once again.

A person has sent me invite, but in the description there was a name of another person. So I've sent a clarification message about it and my message has been declined by moderators. Why? What's wrong with it?

Your moderators are really, really strange (politely said). I'm never use anything wrong in my clarifications and periodically your moderators just declining it and I need to spend my time for to abuse about it, each time with reasons, full story telling, etc.

Please, finally learn your moderators about their work.
Spammers, scammers, generic posters are still on clarification boards, freely - I've seen it each and every day.

But a normal, manually crafted messages for real clients are declined and freelancers like me need to struggle for to send it (and usually it's too late).

It's really, truly, totally disappointing me and many other freelancers.


You tried making a service as well on what you can provide for people but it kept getting declined because it was "missing" something? I had that happen to me a few times, I just gave up entirely. I am not sure what else I can add to make go through. Then there are a lot of scammers and spammers. Scammers tend do the the personal assistant/data entry thing primarily. I usually catch them now in the act, they get mad. They usually have job offering Wandagroup, Financial, ect. I kinda wish they were a more strict with the site as a whole. I've been recently discouraged from looking because of the toxic environment this is showing. Plus people who post job just never seem to say yes to anyone or infrequent amount of people.


Hello Chardonnay, actually not everything such bad: PPH is very nice in general. So don't surrender! I wish you to keep trying and get success :)


Since they were introduced the moderators have been inconsistent to say it nicely. One day 'My name is Bob and Ill do it for you for £20' will get through whilst 'Can you raise the budget?' will get blocked the next day.

Today I has a potential client send me an invite with the specific question 'How much would it cost you to go to this location?'

Its not asking for a proposal, its a pre-proposal question. I answered in the clarification questions because the answer is clarification of the clients question. Answer deleted by the moderators with no reason and no link to contact them on. Typical PPH.


Hello David,

Yes, very disappointing experience, same as for me for many times.
I've made a multiply requests and messages to PPH already.
Maybe PPH will hear us someday :)



And just once again:

My normal, manually crafted clarification message once again "didn’t pass our moderation review".
Guys, it's a serious problem. I've wrote you many, many, many times about it.
Could you please tell me: what was wrong with it? Why I lose time with contacting to client and spend my time for to this support's attempt pretty much times?
In same time default, copy-paste proposals and spam-proposals are successfully passed around of your moderators?
I'm near to real disappointment. Have no more wish to calling you.
That's issue is for years, guys. Years!
Just a disaster & shame.


Funny that, cos last night I had one bounced back for asking if the client really wanted Royalty Free images or totally free images since her budget was so small. Waiting to hear why that one was declined now...


David, yep. The moderators are very strange in my opinion.

Sadly here is absolutely no improvements despite of all attempts of all people reporting about that for years.

I'm not sure if there is any ways for to send a message to PPH's team.

It seems like they are never read this "Share your ideas!" thread :)

Sad but true (c)


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