money stuck in escrow

hi PPH, i have this problem again (it's already happen to me once)
the job is done, client said its good (he is satisfied) but yet he did not check/pay the invoice, so my payment stuck on escrow, it's already 5 days and he seems ignoring me.
please help me, and is there any how i or you as admin could do with such problems? 
i'm getting tired with these kind of clients ignoring the invoice or offline after their job done.

many thanks in advance.


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Many thanks for your message. I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon. Thank you in advance and have a lovely day.

Hi Riko,


I am in the same situation, I have completed some work and funds are in Escrow but PPH have said that I will need to wait a further 16 days (on top of the 10 days I have already waited) before the funds will be released and even then I have to prove that the work has been completed otherwise it is possible that they will refund the money back...


PPH really need to sort out this payment policy and their T&C´s as in the agreement I have it says that funds are automatically released after 6 days, which isnt true....

Hi guys,


my girlfriend had same case. she done 2 projects and funds didnt arrive. She waited like one month or even more. Nobody replies... nothing... client verified projected and said its good. what is the best to do in this case? Amounth here is bigger I was thinking about sueing either client either PPH. This is not a way to treat freelancers. Can anyone from support drop me a message i will give you more informations...

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