The CERT Rankings Decaying Algorithm

So, here I am in CERT 5 on PPH (in the top 5% of freelancers on PPH I am assured) having worked hard not just to get to that level, but to stay there! Unfortunately, with PPH's (relatively) new and 'improved' decaying algorithm, it does not take long before I am forced off that level and back into CERT 4, where the decay over time is slower. With the exception of the CERT 3 level, CERT 5 is one of the longest bands on the PPH CERT ranking scale, i.e., the size of the band upon entry into that level before entry into the next level. However, remaining in and moving up through that level is challenging for sure, due to the rapid decay caused by PPH's algorithm for the CERT 5 level!

My 'beef' is this - PLEASE PPH, alter your algorithm to give a guy or gal a chance to remain for longer in the CERT 5 level before kicking them back into CERT 4! I feel like a yo-yo! Does one's CERT ranking matter? Well, yes of course it does. The higher the ranking, the more assured a freelancer is of securing work from Buyers - there are very real financial implications.

However, PPH's decaying algorithm 'pressures' Sellers into scurrying after as much work as possible (both in terms of number of jobs and job value) to stay up in the rankings. PPH will claim (not unreasonably) that the CERT system and its associated decaying algorithm ensure a level playing field and encourage Sellers to be active on the platform. True. However, it cannot be denied by PPH that a primary underlying reason for the current system (the CERT rankings) is for them to make as much 'wonga' from their Sellers as possible, by 'forcing' them to be continually hunting for that next job to move up in the rankings! One must not forget that PPH take a whopping 20% of all that Sellers make from their hard-earned labour!

The upshot of all this for me is that I don't think I can be bothered to play this 'game' for much longer of being 'lured' into caring about and moving up through the CERT rankings. Ultimately, whatever your level in the CERT rankings, prospective Buyers of your services should be wowed by the results you are actively producing for your clients, as seen in your profile, and NOT to attach too much importance to the CERT ranking you have at any given time. Results matter!

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They don't care about anything.

in the past CERT, was about Community Engagement Repeat and Trust, now it means how much money you put in their pocket paying the 20% fee, how much Kunta Kinte you are.

Official answer from a PPH (certainly smoking sth)


While here is the real definition of CERT before PPH turn into an e-Slavery platfrom

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