PPH Should give every seller all their reviews in creative video like facebook does for each occasions.


I got a small idea clicked in my mind which can help PPH as well as sellers to enhance connectivity with more people.

PPH should setup a video generator program like facebook, which auto generate various videos for seller on different topics such as (for example and most important) all their reviews in sophisticated formatted manner (Job Title, Buyer name and REGION [to promote diversity], All their reviews [in case multiple reviews on same job/workstream, or multiple job with same buyer, etc). It Must be downloadable. So that seller can share in their respective network groups or on websites. By these way their visitors will be aware of what PPH (in case of new and unaware of people, by this way PPH can gain high traffic) and seller can show off their potential and success histories to more and more people.


This was Just a small idea clicked in my mind, your thoughts are welcome.



Affan Hafezji

Founder Soften Web Media.


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