Debra Somner Fraser

Our idea to share:    Check emails before they are sent out.

Sadly, like others, we have found that there is no telephone number to contact PPH directly so this is the only way that a complaint regarding an entirely inappropriate, offensive and inaccurate email received from you.        

It reads:



Remember how 2 weeks ago, you logged in to PeoplePerHour and hammered out a project description for [JOB DETAILS]?  That was wicked.

Your project post is still there.    In fact, you have 13 freelancers queuing up to work for you.




Seriously?    'Hammered out', 'Wicked'?    Is this how you communicate with your customers?   

We run our company with respect for all people that we work with – look at the positive comments we have received back after each job. 

We have used PPH on a regular basis when we need top up support….look at the transactions - and there is another account with even more business.    

Furthermore, you will also notice that this job was completed and paid for…..    

Your dashboard is not the easiest to use… is not clear how to mark jobs as underway / not receiving any more bids or complete.     In any case, I assumed that once a job was finished and paid for it would automatically be removed or marked as complete.   

I look forward to your response and formal apology.





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