Academic qualifications as badges/profile info option

Feature that allows for academic qualifications to be verified by the site and displayed on the profile as a badge or some other indicator. Verification can simply take the form of photo upload of Certificate of Graduation. 

Seems relatively easy to implement and something buyers may want to be aware of.


Given how often people post here wanting us to fake their certificates that doesnt seem like a good idea :-)


James, I've seen your comment in an email but its not showing up here. Another thing for them to fix perhaps?

Im not saying that more verification wouldnt be a good idea, but the practicalities make it difficult.

For example, I graduated when certificates didnt have holograms- they are a very recent addition to things. Many professional qualifications still dont have holograms on them.

Universities charge to confirm the validity of certificates, so there would be a fee to pass on, and we know who would end up paying for it. 

Many non EU universities still dont use holograms, and having worked in visa control for a university I know how many fake qualifications are out there- and how time consuming and costly it can be even for other universities to track them down. There's a reason why holograms were introduced- its to try to reduce the huge market in fake certificates. Even with holograms we still see fake certificates that we cant be sure about- complete with forged holograms.

Sadly, I could upload a certificate to qualify me in anything you care to mention and the universities I'd pick would never be able to prove that it was fake let alone an under resourced PPH. Its a sad fact of life that the honest ones amongst us wont cheat, but the ones you want to get rid of will happily cheat and acquire any certs you ask of them.

Then there the sad but often true fact that having a qualification doesnt always mean that you are any good at doing something, or that not having a qualification means that you are bad at it.

Ansel Adams didnt have a degree in photography but was a world famous photographer; Kate Humble doesnt have a degree in anything related to tv, wildlife or presenting programs but has done well at it. A degree in Cyber Security might mean you are great at that, or that you scraped an ordinary pass five years ago and havent a clue about modern problems. Or it could mean that you are amazing and up-to-date.

You could augment the certs with practical tests, but try making one for photography or voice overs, or bespoke carpentry etc...

Like you Id love to remove the fakes, the liars and the cheats from PPH, but I dont think posting certificates will work cos the first people to post them will be the ones who have most to lose- the cheats, the fakes and the liars ;-(  I wish it were otherwise but I cant see it happening.

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