So few jobs - such high charges

A year ago, I was securing jobs pretty-much every week via the PPH site.

Now, it's several months since I secured any job from this source and there are seldom more than 1 or 2 jobs per day that I find worth bidding on.

Also, it's rare to get any feedback from those jobs for which I do submit bids.

Apart from all of the messing-about with seller payments around the turn of the year, I think the biggest issue here is the departure of many buyers following the imposition of 10% charges, deducted without notification, or proper documentation, when the buyers make payments.

12 months ago, PPH seemed to be doing pretty-well but, due to swingeing increases in both buyer and seller charges, coupled with a piss-poor support service, they now seem to be  a'busted flush'.

A great pity, especially as the PPH 'experience' has discredited this method of buying and services for many users.   



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