client inactive and money stuck in escrow

Dear sir/madam


I have a client with whom I have worked on different projects and he has always been correct and responsive. However, the last assignment I did for him was about 3 weeks ago and ever since I haven't heard back from him. 

The payment he made for this assignment is $97 and is still stuck in my escrow. (workstream Matthew "analyze your qualitative data")

I have tried to contact him several times, but I can see on his profile that his last activity was on the 25th of October. The invoice that I have sent him has also been cancelled by the PPH team and so I have still not been paid for this assignment...

As the client hasn't been online for quite a while, I was hoping someone from your side could release the payment in my escrow.


Thanking you in advance for your time and assistance,


Kind regards,



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Many thanks for your message.

I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.

Thank you in advance and have a lovely day.

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