Unpaid invoice

 Hello. I completed some assignment for a client and sent an invoice. The client had deposited some amount in escrow and the balance was to be paid upon completion. However, he hasn't acted on the invoice, and doesn't respond to my messages on people per hour. Kindly assist. Thank you. 


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Many thanks for your message.
I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.
Thank you in advance and have a lovely day.


Yes, I have the same problem!

I think the frelancer should be protected more regarding the payment.

Anyway, I think is conveniet request the total amount at the beginning of the works.

Yes, I think is better!


By PPH rules in case of dispite seller looses miney that has not beem im escrew account. IveIlearned it hard way. Always, always take full payment deposit to your escrow.

PPH also discarouges you to exercise right to dispute buyers by fear mongering you with penalising your account. Really? Really! The sellers protection on PPH so dearly promoted not long time ago is partially big marketing in reality  they try to wash they hands off by you doig all hard work to get your money . I've learned it hard way trying to ignite dispute for almost a month.

And that treatment comes after giving PPH fat 25% chunk of your earnings.


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