Confused about withdrawal times with Paypal

So this is my first time using PPH and I withdrew the money I received from my project to my Paypal. The amount was "processed" in the PPH platform almost immediately, meaning that my funds were no longer there. They had been withdrawn.

At the moment when I confirm that I want to withdraw the money to Paypal, there's a little screen telling me that my request has been successfully received and that it will be processed within 48 hours... But then it also goes and says that withdrawals to Paypal almost always take a few minutes. So you can imagine that seeing no funds in PPH and no funds in Paypal, I began getting suspicious.

I go onto the help center and find all kinds of conflicting information. First, that the withdrawals are processed by PPH on working days until 12 pm. Fair enough, that could mean it might be until Monday or Tuesday that I receive my money. Except PPH explicitly said in the withdrawal screen that it takes minutes to do the operation with Paypal.

Then, I read people complaining about how it took up to 20 days for them to receive their money, and by then I begin to think this might take a while.

tl;dr, How much time do I have to wait realistically to receive the withdrawal? I got bills to pay, so. Is it lost forever? Is it in the void? Should I just switch to Upwork and dump PPH? I need answers!! :D


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Many thanks for your message.

I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.

Thank you in advance and have a lovely day.

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