Killing the golden goose

This is a message to PPH management in connection to the increasingly common practice of tagging as HIGH VALUE any - I repeat ANY - project in which the seller was naif enough to quote a price of at least 200.  It doesn't matter the level of complexity of the project. It doesn't matter that the system suggested price is twice or thrice the fixed price that according to PPH "would deliver high value".  

The HIGH VALUE tag is great for PPH as it collects 3x the number of credits compared to normal bids.  But this technique might be a killer for the golden goose down the line.  I personally don't mind to pay a token amount for placing a bid. But I think twice before taking the time to write the bid plus paying a €2 or so toll on a project. I suspect that more than a few freelancers think likewise.

By relaxing its threshold for HIGH VALUE tags, supposedly "high value" projects will attract fewer bids.  Impact? A less competitive marketplace, and buyers - possibly sellers too - migrating to alternative platforms where bidding is not artificially distorted.

Besides, aren't PPH fees high enough to try to max out in this really not grounded fashion?  

Food for thought.


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