Learn your moderators finally, please! Don't use such AI-shame.

Happened once again:

My normal, manually crafted clarification message once again "didn’t pass our moderation review".
Guys, it's a serious problem. I've wrote you many, many, many times about it.
Could you please tell me: what was wrong with it? Why I lose time with contacting to client and spend my time for to this support's attempt pretty much times?
In same time default, copy-paste proposals and spam-proposals are successfully passed around of your moderators?
I'm near to real disappointment. Have no more wish to calling you.
That's issue is for years, guys. Years!
Just a disaster & shame.

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So now you are just cutting out "not-so-nice" posts, guys?
That's the way is much better and easier than trying to improve something by advice from freelancers, who are still believe in the PPH platform :)

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