Is it possible to hide feedback for work that didn't happen is visible in my profile.

So i sent proposal to this one job,

client got back to me, i started asking questions about the job, from the look at it, he wanted one part of the house of the entire mansion 3d modeled, but i decided to make sure, whether he wants just one building out of it or the entire question.

Next day he ignored questions and accepted proposal, turned out that he is in fact needed the entire mansion, i said that current budget is not enought for the entire mansion and he needs to increase budget, he refused, and i am like okay, no worries, i will just refund him money and be done with it. 

But now i have nasty 3 stars at the top of my profile for a work that didn't even happen.because client didnt properly discussed project and accepted proposal straight away. is there any way to delete that feedback?


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