Withdrawal impossible despite documents approval

I have provided the two requested documents, paid £10 for a fast track, and had them approved after two days instead of one. Let's ignore this and focus on the fact that withdrawals to my bank account (UK based) are still not possible, with the withdrawal panel still showing me the error message about documents requested to verify identity. 

I have raised a ticket about this, It's been more than a day now and I have no update whatsoever. All I know is that the issue is "escalated" which quite frankly means nothing at this stage. 

I am sure you can understand that freelancers, like all people, have financial commitments as the end of the month approached. There is an entire month of income sitting on my PPH account and I am simply not given the right to retrieve these in due course. What is happening? Why am I not hearing anything from you? Why is the money I earned not accessible despite all due diligence successfully completed? 


Still no reply from anyone at PPH. Brilliant. 


Did you get anywhere? I've got the same issue

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