Sub Groups for Industry Specialists

I'd like to propose "managed" sub group categories for business enterprise services. I work as an long-experienced professional in the unified communications and contact center industry. I have other colleagues who are also highly skilled and we want to create a global "center of excellence" to provide our customer base with specific deliverable types. However, the types of deliveries we want to offer are generally priced way above the constraints here on PPH - for good reason. An engagement in our fields of expertise are always complex, time consuming and intricate - and often on a global scale. The constraint here lies mostly around the ceiling for an offered Task/Hourly.  We'd like to be able to offer clearly defined deliverables at set rates - but also offer our skills on an hourly basis, too. I'm wondering if it is feasible to do this, within PPH - or should we create our own business model to achieve our goals.


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