Better Quality Control For Buyer Posts

Hi everyone at Upwork,


I am here because I have a suggestion regarding Buyer posts.


I think there should be a mandatory multi-question format for Buyers, just like the optional multi-question option Buyers present to Sellers.


I say this because we are seeing Buyers writing up posts that looks something like this:


Subject: Article reformat

Info: Need article reformatted fast.


Okay, how many words? What is the content? When do you need it back by?


These are important questions for a Seller before he decides to use up his Proposal Credits.


So, I am proposing that there should be a mandatory multi-question format, to overcome this "Lazy Buyer Syndrome", if you will. Now, it could be a standard format for all "categories", but this will not be detailed enough. Instead, it can be a specific format for each subcategory. This will make for excellent quality control and less wasting of credits and time.


It can look something like this for the subcategory of editing and proofreading field, as soon as the buyer clicks the subcategory from the drop-down, they get a new format; new questions:


Subject: (What do you need to be done?)

Box 1 - What specific work do you need to be done? (Mandatory - eg. light proofreading, involved editing)

Box 2 - How many words are in your text? (Mandatory)

Box 3 - What is the subject matter? (Mandatory)

Box 4 - When do you need it back by? (Mandary - give a specific date)

Box 5 - What is the subject matter? (Mandatory)

Box 6 - What is your maximum budget? (Mandatory)


This will make the website much more organized and will produce faster and better quality results. Some people just don't bid on certain offers because they don't want to risk their credits to later find out they're not interested when the details appear.


What do you guys think? 


- Walid


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