Your application at PeoplePerHour was not accepted

I'm a professional artist, I am very nice programmer in Sql server , Delphi , Microsoft excel , C#, XAML , ASP.NET,SEO . Recently I get to know that PPH is a good place for me to work as a freelancer, then I tried to register and submit the application several times. However I get this message ... 

"Thanks again for submitting your application. After a close review by our team, we’ve determined that we cannot accept your application as it doesn’t meet our requirements. At PeoplePerHour, we pride ourselves on the quality of our freelance community and we approve only a few but great applications."

I work great for my other clients as freelancer the past,  I'm a little disappointed now because I think PPH possible is a good platform for me find good clients, but I don't know what to do even when I want to make the application right.

Can you please help? Thank you very much in advance!


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