New to this site and already problems

I did a piece of work in good faith and I have still not been paid for it and nor has the person who asked for the work got back to me.  I spent over two days and produced a good piece of work for him, but still no pay and no messages from him. I was told by this site to raise an invoice by putting my information into PPH which I have done. Still no payment and still no information on what is happening. How many other people have been diddled like this on the site? I am not only looking at people who have already commissioned freelances so that I can see that they have done this in good Fatih and paid.  I would really appreciate anyone else who has had this issue as it is n't fair

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The help service on here has said that my issue has been solved, however, as far as I can see I still have not been paid.  I also found that three projects that I spent time putting a proposal in on have been cancelled. 'is this normal? Do many people spend time putting in proposals only to find that the majority of the projects have been cancelled? \I joined this site because it was recommended by an article online, but it didn't mention that you are doing voluntary work for people when you think you will be paid.

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