Hide my account from buyers / temporarily deactivate account?

Hi there,

I recently got a job working in the area I freelance in, however they specify in my contract that I cannot continue freelancing outside of work. This not a problem, I will not continue freelancing while I work there. However I would like to retain my PPH profile and reviews in case I don't pass the probation period at my new job.

Is there any way of temporarily deactivating, or hiding my account so I cannot be seen or messaged by buyers? There only seems to be an option to permanently deactivate an account in the settings. I have tried marking my profile as unavailable in the past but will still occasionally receive messages from buyers.




Official comment

Many thanks for your message.

I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.

Thank you in advance and have a lovely day.

Hi Natalie, thanks. I've been contacted and it's resolved.

If anyone in the future who is unclear on the same matter finds this: I'm told that deactivating your account doesn't permanently delete your account. If you ever need to reinstate it you can contact customer support to do it, and you'll need proof of ID.

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