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I'm a freelance writer and editor. I responded to a job posting asking for a "face-to-face meeting with an author" for a client to get some feedback on some work. I'm experienced with this kind of thing but am reluctant to send in a proposal as the client has not said where this meeting is supposed to take place, nor have they said what kind of writing they do. I've tried to post clarification a clarification question asking 1. what their location is, 2. whether a remote meeting over skype would be possible and 3. what kind of writing they do, and both times my question has been flagged as spam. The criteria are:

  • no contact details are revealed
  • you are not advertising your skills
  • no spam content is included
  • the content of the question is detailed and clear for the buyer to answer

My question violates none of these criteria, so why was it taken down? I don't want it being flagged to affect my ratings or whatever. 


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Hi Eris,

It's not a bullet proof system. There are human beings at the other end, they take subjective decisions which question passes their moderation and which doesn't. They oftentimes get it wrong (I wonder if these wrong moderation decisions are counted for those PPH employees as QA errors?). I suggest you to contact PPH Support directly about this matter. However I would like to stress two things:

  1. The Clarification Board is extremely ineffective method to get clarifications in PPH platform, my questions are being answered in 10% to 20% success ratio.
  2. It is critical to send proposals ASAP, if you wait for your clarification to be approved you're losing precious time. You are better off sending a "blind" proposal, at least it opens a direct communication channel with the buyer.



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