Fraud/Spam Activity

On Sunday, i applied on the Excel job where i got a response to click on link to access the file. I tried to open it but that "Extract.js" file contained virus. I did not know about that at the time of applying to that spam job. 
Now today on 4th March, my account was verified for payment withdrawal and suddenly some of jobs automatically posted from my account and my account got infected by that virus. Same job which i applied was posted from my account. Same responses were given from my account containing that virus.

My request is that please save my account, i am not a buyer, i have been a successful freelancer and all my income has been deducted by that virus spam jobs posting.


Official comment


Thank you very much for informing us. I have also created a ticket with our customer support team and are overlooking the situation.

That sounds like the job I applied for on Sunday. Fortunately my antivirus software blocked the download. PPH have a serious problem here and I would like to see some kind of official response and action taken. As freelancers we have to apply for jobs that contain very little information and we have absolutely no idea of who the buyer is. It is not uncommon for a buyer to post a one line description and then send a description of the job in a file. PPH need to be making sure that a buyer's identity has been verified and that the project has been specified, in full, and that all attachments are clean.

There have been lots of jobs like these for Voiceover artists too recently. The tell-tale signs with the buyers - usually - are:

1. They have zero activity and sales

2. Almost always a very recently set up PPH account (often that day)

3. An ambiguous/unclear job description 

4. A fixed price (often three figures)

There is probably a pattern as to where the majority of these posts are coming from. PPH could do a trace of the IPs in question and also look into other security measures such as a new buyer security deposit that they would lose in the case of them implementing fraudulent activity? Really needs looking into.  

I have the same issue. There is money has been taken from my account for almost every day for 4 days. 

How can I delete my account here?

I have been a thorn in PPH's side over this for a few weeks now, especially as one of those jobs was a fair clone of a legitimate data entry project I've been working since August of last year, lending it significantly more authenticity in terms of getting people to click through.

PPH's stance seems to be that they can't police everything (fair enough). However, I also made the suggestion that ALL new accounts had to pre-fund their first job - if they're going to be paying a freelancer for the work anyway, this shouldn't be a problem. The response was a frustrating "no". My take on this? PPH are more concerned with the apparent number of jobs available than their legitimacy.

Am I coming across as somewhat disenchanted with PPH at present? You betcha. I've been working through here for the best part of a decade, and the lack of freelancer protection at present is laughable.

I would be more likely to accept the "can't police everything" argument if they didn't charge so much in fees. PPH always want to have everything both ways and when they are charging fees they are a high quality employment agency, but when there is something wrong they are an automated website with few resources and no staff.

It would be really good if someone from PPH could respond to the points raised above and help restore a bit of faith in the platform. 

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