Hi my application is rejected. How can i re-submit it again?



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    Many thanks for your message.

    I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon.

    Thank you in advance and have a lovely day.

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  • Muhammad

    PPH team should give some logical reasons if rejected any freelancer's application and they should give some tips for making their proposals acceptable.

    Muhammad Yousuf 

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    After review by the PPH team, the reply has come, Need some changes in your application - provide your real name and location.
    My name is real in the profile and the location, I already changed it into my current location, after submitted the application again my application is rejected. even I can't find the reason why I'm rejected.

    Please help me with that. How can I get verified this again?
    Thank you.

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  • Sneha

    Hi, My appllication got rejected so i need changes in document. So i did still i didn't get reply.

    Please accept my application.

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