Suspicious offer

I'd like to make sure I'm doing the right thing. I've been offered a job from the person who has no picture and reviews on this website and has not posted any jobs on here before. They claim to be part of a big international pharmaceutical company. The communication was made on Google Hangouts and the person told me that they'd have payed for your services. They have offered me a contract and sent me a form to fill in and send it back to them. As I am fairly new to freelancing I'd kindly ask you to tell me your opinion weather it's a scam or a real offer. Your help will be kindly appreciated in this matter.


Official comment


Many thanks for your message.

I have opened up a ticket for you with our customer support team and someone will email you soon. I honestly appreciate your feedback and we shall review this case asap. 

Thank you in advance and have a lovely day.


Hello, YES, this is a big stinking scam!!  They tried it on me on another freelancing site.  They are going hire you as a full time employee with their company (which doesn't exit) after asking you a few bogus questions in your "interview".  Then they will tell you that you will be working from home and they will send you a brand new Apple laptop, software and all the equipment you will need for your "home office".  Then they schedule your training.  Ahh, but soon as training starts there are just a few items to take care of such as your account and branch number for your direct pay deposit (no can't forget that can we?), and well I guess you can figure out the rest.  First of all what kind of a large company would hire a complete stranger without obtaining permission to do a background check?  I hope everyone reads this post and I also believe that PPH and all the others should send updates to all freelancers whenever one of these scammers are detected - just to keep everyone aware.

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