Fake Jobs with Viruses

About 4 weeks ago I was invited to bid on a job that was very vague and the poster claimed it was urgent. I put in a dummy bid and asked for more details and was very quickly sent a link to virus, at Dropbox.

Since then, I've been invited to bid on numerous similar jobs. I now report them. The theme that I'm seeing is that it is Excel work, it's urgent, there are no details posted and there is usually a relatively high budget by PPH standards.

In my experience with PPH there have always been fake jobs with viruses but the situation has become significantly worse. Is anybody at PPH prepared to comment on the situation?

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Hello Simon.

Thank you very much for informing us, I have opened a ticket with our customer support team. Kindly provide them with the Job ID and I shall personally review it so we can resolve it. 

We are currently working on a new feature that will decrease those issues and I honestly appreciate you informing us about this. 

Thank you and have a lovely day.

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